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Ingutsheni sued for refusing to release man’s medical report

By Mashudu Netsianda

A Bulawayo man has taken Ingutsheni Central Hospital to court for refusing to release his mentally ill father’s medical report. Mr Wellington Mapuranga has approached the High Court in Bulawayo seeking an order compelling the mental health institution to release the medical report.

Ingutsheni Central Hospital in Bulawayo
Ingutsheni Central Hospital in Bulawayo

He wants to use the document to institute proceedings for the appointment of a curator to manage his father’s businesses and assets. Mr Mapuranga said his father can no longer manage his business because of his mental condition.

In papers before the court, Mr Mapuranga cited Ingutsheni Hospital and a medical doctor only identified as Dr Ranga as respondents.

“Sometime in August 2017, I approached Ingutsheni Hospital seeking a detailed medical report on behalf of my father Mr Divold Mapuranga, a mental patient who has been under the care of the hospital.

“I sought the medical report for the purpose of instituting proceedings in this honourable court for the appointment of a curator as my father can no longer manage his own affairs, business and assets due to his mental condition,” said Mr Mapuranga.

He said despite numerous requests, the respondents have refused to comply. Mr Mapuranga said his father co-owns a house in Parklands suburb with his mother, Ms Dorcas Kazibone.The property is now a subject of an ownership wrangle with one Mr Charles Amon Dube who is also claiming it.

“My mother and I now seek to institute legal proceedings against Charles Amon Dube before this honourable court, but cannot do without the appointment of a curator to act on behalf of Mr Divold Mapuranga. In the absence of the medical report, the exercise is futile,” he said.

Mr Mapuranga said in the event that the order is granted, he wants Ingutsheni Hospital to be directed to release the report within seven days of the order.

He also wants Ingutsheni Hospital to pay the legal costs. The Chronicle