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AKA on dating: My life isn’t going to stand still

They have pranked South Africa once before with a fake break-up all in aid of drumming up publicity for a song, so with the second round you can bet fans are having a hard time believing that Bonang Matheba and AKA are really over. Especially considering that AKA made the announcement on social media.

AKA has hit back at Julius Malema
South African rapper AKA

But despite the weariness, AKA is sticking to his story and in various interviews has spoken about the split, moving on and not wanting to talk about what went wrong because he would be “less of a man.”

He was on Real Talk with Anele Mdoda and when asked if he’d have another child, he said he’d love more children. And, of course, who would the baby mama be?

“I believe that I invested a lot in my last relationship. And I’m not saying that I’m going to move on and just go out there in the world and find someone, but I’m also not saying that my life is going to stand still. My life has to keep moving on. Yes it hurts. Yes, I still love her. For me and thinking of having kids, that’s a very far away thought from here.”

AKA and Anele joked that maybe he should consider dating a “normal” girl and the Supa Mega said he’s just like somebody who is honest, considerate, supportive, ambitious, smart and has her own money. Sheeeew. Not a long list then, eh?

Although Anele did joke that nobody would judge them if they did get back together, AKA said he wasn’t here for the controversies and he was “taking it one day at a time.”— TimesLive