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Letter from America: When will they stop making fools of themselves?

By Ken Mufuka

My teacher, Solomon Mustwairo used to say: “Kenny my boy, don’t be too clever by half.” This means somebody who thinks he is shrewd and engages in excessive planning which is likely to achieve negative results.

Donald Trump answers questions from after arriving in Washington on Sunday. His proclamation extends restrictions to North Korea, Chad and Venezuela. Photograph: Pool/Getty Images
Donald Trump

The Democrats set out to set a fool proof trap for President Donald Trump. If a person holding high office is in any way accused of mistreating women in this life or in his past, he should resign his post once he is exposed.

The genius of the plan, according to Republican former Speaker Newt Gingrich is that no procedure needs be followed, a judge is not called upon to pronounce the man guilty or innocent (had to be a man). Once “outed” by a kangaroo court of Democrats, his fate is sealed.

Democrats sitting in the Star Chamber would pick the offending Republicans one by one until the last man left standing, President Donald Trump is forced to resign.

Accoring to my count, forty men are about to fall by the sword, of which only two are Republicans.

The most egregious offender was supposed to be Alabama Chief Judge Roy Moore, who stood for election on December 9.

To cut a long story short, it seems that the main accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, who said that she had been molested in 1979, has changed her story. She has confessed that some of the writing on a year book, which she claimed was Moore’s, was her own.

One can imagine the reaction among evangelical Alabamans who already believe that the Washington Post newspaper is an instrument of the devil.

At this point, we must warn our readers to please shield children from this page. The most heart rending disaster has befallen Democrat Congressman John Conyers, the first black to be elected from Detroit in 1965. He pressed Congress to pass the Martin Luther King birthday holiday.

He was the “ranking member” on the judiciary committee in the lower house.

He was a founder of the Black Caucus. He was an icon of women’s rights, in short a defender of the faith.

But once the Pandora’s Box was opened, ten women came forward with harrowing stories. I will mention only three of these. A sister “outed” the brother. She was attending a church service when she felt the Holy Spirit creep slowly up her thighs. She turned around “to find no nothing but Conyers ”.

Another sister, who gave her name as Elisa Grubbs says that she “repeatedly saw Brother Conyers touching and stroking the legs and buttocks of other female staffers”. She was paid $27 000 from the Congressional treasury after she threatened to sue.

Another woman says Conyers sometimes convened meetings at his office while dressed up only in boxers (underwear). Conyers is a tall handsome man who “dresses like a devil” .

When he was “outed” he was hospitalised for stress. Nevertheless, he demanded that his son take his Congressional seat. The brother is 88 years old.

Anybody who has ever attended the New York Metropolitan Opera will have come across the legendary world famous conductor James Levine.

Levine has escaped complete defenestration because four men have laid charges against him. One of the charges goes back 33 years back.

While the New York District Attorney has refused to prosecute, and Levines himself says that when “people will come to know me, who I really am, they will know that I am a nice person”.

That is the point; there will be no jury and no judge to determine whether he is really a nice person.

It is a kangaroo court.

His luck is that prosecutors do not want to be seen as bigots.

The witch-hunt has taken its toll on Democrats. A rising star, Illinois Senator Al Franken was seen as a presidential candidate. A photograph emerged, dated 2006, showing the senator “cupping” a sleeping woman’s breasts with his hands.

“A couple of months ago, I felt that we were beginning to listen to women about the way in which men’s actions affects them,” he said.

He thought that the bell rang for Republicans. There is more. He “wanted to be respectful (in) that broader conversation, because all women deserve to be heard and their experiences taken seriously”.


They are being heard alright. You shut up! Pack your bags and go. No more talk.

Franken spilled the beans. He had President Trump in mind.

“There is some irony. I am leaving while a man who bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office.”

Yea! When will these progressive ever learn. No man should ever be found guilty of anything until a judge says that he is guilty. STUPIDO!

Yea! These progressives do not remember that Joseph Cook falsely accused Cardinal Joseph Bernadin of Chicago because he was angry about something.

Senator Bernie Sanders says that Trump should resign.

“We have a president of the United States who acknowledged…that he assaulted women, so I would hope that …he might think about resigning.”

YEA! That is wishful thinking. It is amazing how grown up men and women miss common sense wisdom.

Rules were made for a good reason. When Judge Thomas was accused by Anita Hill, senatorial investigation revealed that Anita had once dated Thomas and got mad because the brother married a white woman.

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