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Open letter to President Mugabe and the First Lady

Mr President and the First Lady.


It is with humility that I pen this letter. I am just an ordinary god fearing citizen of Zimbabwe. It is that love of Christ Jesus that compels me to write you.

Tendai Tagarira
Tendai Tagarira

Our country is at the crossroads and the world is watching closely the events unfolding in Zimbabwe. Many citizens are also anxious and concerned as to what is really going on and where is conflict taking us as a nation ? The nation is indeed at the fork of two ways.

Let us choose the good way out of the brewing conflict. Surely, the good way cannot be through a blood bath. It cannot be through wicked schemes. It cannot be travelled with violence and it is the only way that leads to peace and peaceful resolution of conflict. Therefore, let us do what is in our power as a nation to prevent the current situation from deteriorating into violence.

Our African brothers and sisters in Rwanda lost 1 000 000 souls to violent conflict in a matter of days. Zimbabwe need not plunge herself in harms way. Let us learn from Rwanda. Honourable president and the first lady, there are non violent and less costly ways to resolve conflict. Let us choose non violence.

It is time to forgive, renew and restore broken relationships and that can only happen through genuine repentance. Everyone has sinned, so It is wise for all of us to tender personal repentance before the LORD JESUS and then call for a week of national repentance. Let the people repent of sin that is in the land. Let people forgive each other and make peace with their neighbours.

Mr president and the first lady, you can both lead by example, by reaching out to your erstwhile enemies and being reconciled to them in forgiveness, respect and love. The land needs genuine forgiveness and love. Let us stand up for love, not hatred and blood bath. Let us love one another with the true love of Christ Jesus. That is my humble opinion.

There is no need for anyone to mobilise forces of death and destruction. It does not have to be so. Let us choose peace instead. Let us use love to resolve conflicts. Political assassinations will create an environment of fear and anxiety for everyone and can easily degenerate into what took place in Rwanda. Blood does not need to be spilled in the land. Our Lord Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin, so all the nation needs to do is repent before the LORD.

Let us love one another. I love you Mr president and the first lady. Love is strong. Let us choose love and denounce all hatred which cannot profit anyone. In closing, I am inviting both of you to repent. It is not difficult and we can do it even by means of this very letter.

If you are willing, say :

Dear LORD JESUS, I repent of sin. I repent of wickedness from the day I was born until today. LORD JESUS, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the wicked one. Send us your HOLY SPIRIT to guide us in the path of peace. Teach us righteousness, justice, holiness. Bless the land of Zimbabwe with genuine peace and prosperity. Restore broken relationships. Restore broken homes. Today, I repent before you LORD. Please write and keep my name in the book of life and remember me when you establish your Kingdom which will endure forever. Today, I receive you and I am born again. In King Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

Lord Jesus, Bless the land of Zimbabwe with peace. Bless the first family. Remember their children of LORD. Teach them your ways. Baptise the first family with the HOLY SPIRIT and guide them in every way. Remove anxiety from among them. Give them peace. Give the land peace. Remember the widows and orphans of LORD. Remember the poor. Bless them of LORD. Bless Zimbabwe, in King Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

Yours in Christ Jesus Tendai Tagarira.