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Street Pastor on the run

By Bornwise Mtonzi

A street pastor who bashed another man for saying ‘amen’ is on the run and has been issued with a warrant of arrest for failing to appear in court.

Pastor Ignatius Neshava
Pastor Ignatius Neshava

Ignatius Neshava, 33, who preaches in the city centre was supposed to bring his witnesses to testify on his behalf that he did not assault Calvin Jari.

Neshava who is charged with assault was issued the warrant by Harare magistrate Joy Chikodzero.

Neshava is alleged to have attacked one Calvin Jari for coming to the rescue of the man whom he had confronted for yelling amen to what he was preaching.

A witness said Neshava was angered when Jari tried to restrain him from assaulting the man who had acknowledged to the word he was preaching by saying amen.

A misunderstanding is alleged to have ensued leading to Neshava assaulting the complainant.

Neshava is said to not have been pleased by the intervention by Jari and decided to turn on him.

He is alleged to have started to assault Jari with fists on his face.

He is alleged to have been stopped by onlookers who refrained him from attacking Jari.

Jari reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Nashava.

Yeukai Musengi appeared for the State. H Metro