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Chihoro @ 61

By Godknows Matarutse

To most football fans, Dynamos team manager Richard Chihoro represents an ultimate “juju master” who deserves a place in the Zimbabwe Traditional Healers Association (ZTHA) council.

Dynamos team manager Richard Chihoro
Dynamos team manager Richard Chihoro

Chihoro, who celebrated his 61st birthday yesterday, is nicknamed “Nyoka” (snake).

Normally a snake in African culture is associated with the occult due to the reptile’s mysterious ways that many people do not understand.

A lot of Dynamos’ rivals have a strong belief that Chihoro is the reason behind the Glamour Boys’ dominance in local football due to his “powers”.

Since he was appointed in his role in 2011, DeMbare won four straight league titles and numerous cup competitions.

Chihoro has also not helped matters as he sometimes performs unusual antics on the touchline that leaves no doubt in many people’s minds that he is indeed a juju master.

However, in an interview with the Daily News on Sunday, Chihoro said the allegations are a mere smear campaign by rivals, who have failed to knock DeMbare off their perch.

“There is nothing like juju in football. The only secret to success is training and if you don’t work hard then never dream of success,” Chihoro told the Daily News on Sunday.

“If you concentrate on juju at the expense of training, surely you will be dicing with failure. It’s something that I have become used to, people linking me with me juju.

“It’s actually shocking that in this day and age there are still people who believe in juju. Juju does not work at all in football because we should be winning every season.”

Chihoro went on to explain how his exploits during his playing days earned him the nickname Nyoka, which he claims is now being abused by DeMbare’s rivals to suit their agenda.

“When I arrived at Dynamos I was very skilful and made life difficult for most defenders such that my former teammate Shaw Handriade gave me the nickname Nyoka,” Chihoro said adding that: “It has nothing to do with this juju thing.”

Chihoro arrived at Dynamos as a fresh faced 14-year-old and went to on to distinguish himself by rising through the ranks.

At 18 Chihoro was already promoted to the senior team. Unfortunately for Chihoro, his arrival coincided with the era of George Shaya which meant he had to be content with a place on the bench.

He was then loaned out to KB Royals and later on Mutapa Royals before he went on to have a stint with CAPS United.

After one year at the Green Machine, Chihoro was forced to hang his boots following a recurring injury which he had suffered whilst at Mutapa Royals.

“At Dynamos there were a lot of good senior players and it was difficult to command a first team jersey,” he recalled. Daily News