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Mliswa urges prayers for Grace, Mugabe

By Farayi Machamire

Outspoken MP for Norton Temba Mliswa yesterday said he was sympathising with President Robert Mugabe because he did not deserve the current attention and drama surrounding his family.

Temba Mliswa
Temba Mliswa

This comes as Mugabe, 93, has had to endure embarrassment due to the conduct of his two sons — Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine — whose wayward behaviour led to their mother’s alleged assault of a 20-year-old South African model found in their hotel room on Sunday night, in Johannesburg.

Grace has been charged for the alleged assault of Gabriella Engels who suffered multiple injuries which she said were caused by an extension cord that was used by the first lady to strike her.

Yesterday, Mliswa said the saga surrounding Mugabe’s family had the potential of adversely affecting the health of the 93-year-old.

“I am not a person to kick someone who is down and I am sincere about this. But I feel for his excellency, he is a good man, despite what we are facing from the economic point of view, despite him being in power for a long time.

“But his excellency is also getting old and you don’t want him being stressed. I feel for him. He doesn’t deserve this at this moment. We have to make sure we comfort him and I am hoping that discussions going on in South Africa are positive for his excellency,” said Mliswa.

Mliswa also said Grace needed anger management and prayers, adding that he went through the same route on his way to be becoming “a peaceful” citizen.

“I don’t want to celebrate her downfall because she is the first lady. I wanna offer a solution, one, anger management and two, prayer,” Mliswa said.

“I went through Bishop Noah Pashapa because I was very temperamental, but he worked on it through God and I am appealing to all churches in the country to pray for the first lady in terms of the anger that she has and for her to be forgiven.” Daily News