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‘Chiwenga ari right pahu wrong hwake VaMugabe ndimi mune problem!’

By Mutongi Gava (Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Snr)

I was only 15 years of age in January 2002 and I can recall this pretty well as I grew up with an interest and passion in politics seeing the late General Vitalis Zvinavashe on national television intimidating the people of Zimbabwe telling them that the Presidency on this land was a straight jacket reserved for only Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

General Constantine Chiwenga

Zimbabwe is a constitutional Republic and for an army commander to be given time on national television to intimidate the mass like that. That was a clear sign that the army in this country is not professional and neither is it protecting us the mass but rather ‘madzakutsaku’ e ruling party. That was the conclusion I made at 15 years of age (in 2002),today am 30 and I still stand on that position.

Not only General Vitalis Zvinavashe openly declared that he is ZANU PF and will do anything to keep Mugabe in power, one General after the other took turns to swear their allegiance to President Mugabe on national television at separate events whenever they got a chance of getting media coverage telling the mass that even if any leader from the opposition is voted into office they will not recognize him/her.

That has been the trend in this country and the army also worked hard to keep Mugabe in power when he lost to Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008. We all know how the army was deployed to intimidate and harass people across Zimbabwe, forcing people to vote for Mugabe in the June 27 2008 Presidential run-off.

For the past decades the army has been acting as an extension of ZANU PF not a professional security sector. Not forgetting how the opposition and the civil society advocated for security sector reforms but it was all falling on deaf ears because there was no political will to reform and professionalize the security sector as it was working as an extension of ZANU PF and it was all to Mugabe’s benefit.

It shocks me to see President Mugabe telling the people now that the army must not meddle in politics they must remain in the barracks. Ooops like seriously Mr President? Nhasi ndopamakutiudza izvozvo manji? Where were you Mr Mugabe when the army was harassing and intimidating people in 2008?

Where were you when General Zvinavashe intimidated the mass telling us that the Presidency is only reserved for you as if it’s a monarchy? Where were you when these Generals were uttering that they will not support any leader who will be elected by the people except you? Where were you when the army was burning down villages of suspected MDC T supporters in 2008?

‘Makuda kurambidza Dominic (Gen Chiwenga) nhasi imi murimi makatendera vakomana ava kupinda mu politics way back.Dindingwe rinonaka richikweva rimwe zvazorwadzaka nhasi? Regai Dominic aite zve Lacoste ari right pahu wrong hwake ndimi makazvuva chidembo mukachiunza mumusha nhasi makutiudza kuti chinonhuwa? chivhiyei ndimi makauya nacho baba.Pedzai zvamakatanga VaMugabe,Chiwenga ari right pahu wrong hwake imi ndimi mune problem’.

You can’t tell us that the army must not meddle in politics simply because they are now against your own wife. Makapembera n’anga neinobata mai saka ndikoko mdara’. When the army waged a war against defenceless civilians during Gukurahundi and also in 2008 when it went around the country burning down villages belonging to suspected opposition party supporters Mugabe remained mum because that he was the mastermind of that terror orchestrated by the army. So what the hell is he saying now??

Leave Dominic meddling in politics ndimi makamudzidzisa izvozvo VaMugabe kohwai zvamakarima mdara. Also to add an injury to your plight these Generals will never recognize that talkative wife of yours kana musisipo baba, she (Grace) created a lot of enemies than friends. Remember when you lost elections in 2008 and the army retained you through violence, hook and crook. You were supposed to sit down with your wife and tell her to respect vanhu vakakudzoserai muhupfu against the will of the people of Zimbabwe. Manje Grace ndi bambazonke anotuka munhu wese inda inoruma akaitakura pray that God keeps you forever Mr President because Grace vachasara vachimuita mahwani maenda mdara.

Anyway that is none of my business let me resume to my calabash of masese (traditional beer) as an unemployed youth in the dusty streets of Mbizo, Kwekwe. The chickens have finally come home to roost saka bear it Cde President. For today I will be the devil’s advocate for Chiwenga,ari right pahu wrong hwake imi ndimi mune problem VaMugabe ndimi makazvitendera zvinhu izvi kuti masoja apinde mu politics saka bear it  kohwai zvamakarima Gushungo ndikoko!.

Mutongi Gava is out.

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo,Snr  whose nom de guerre is Mutongi Gava is a human rights defender and a democracy activist based in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe. He writes in his personal capacity and is reachable on his Whatsapp +32485850059