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Vendors demand space in coalition

National Vendors Union Zimbabwe (Navuz) chairperson Sten Zvorwadza said vendors must play a leading role in the formation of the coalition.

Zimbabwean street vendors march towards Parliament to submit a petition
Zimbabwean street vendors march towards Parliament to submit a petition

Zvorwadza who is currently in the United Kingdom mobilising people to prepare for 2018 watershed elections said opposition parties must accept the need to work together with citizens for them to win the 2018 elections.

“A strong coalition of political parties and social movements will surely see Zimbabweans come out of the current social, economic and political challenges bedevilling the country. I am currently in the UK and top on the agenda is to encourage political leadership to accept the need to work together as soon as possible in order to plan and execute the process of dislodging the failed regime.

“In the absence of unity very little can be achieved. At this point, it should not be about power struggles but putting in place the best mechanism to reclaim peoples’ social, economic and political freedom. Citizens should seriously be on the forefront to lead these negotiations for a better Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwe we want and a free Zimbabwe.”

This comes as some opposition parties signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU)s but no single party has so far signed an agreement with civil groups.

“Citizens should involve themselves in these political processes because Zimbabwe currently requires a sound political solution to deal with most of the problems that we face as a country.

“UK is one of Zimbabwe’s external demographic provinces that is politically active. It is, therefore, important to align this external province in time for electoral processes.”

According to Zvorwadza, Zanu PF is currently at its weakest and there is need for citizens to bury the ruling party in next year’s elections. Daily News