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Paradzai Mesi illuminates Joy Centre

By Tawanda Marwizi

Harare’s Highfield was on Saturday night illuminated by dance and music, when Paradzai Mesi put up a spirited performance at Club Joy Centre during a gala that was held in his honour.

Paradzai Messi

Far from the media reports of a man who was down and out, Mesi who looked re-energised and in control of himself gave a good account of himself in front of legions of fans that came in droves to watch their icon perform.

Dressed in a suit, Mesi opened his act with the song ‘Hondo’ much to the delight of the fans, who cheered him on.

For him that was the moment when he realised that hundreds of music lovers wanted him.

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During the show, several fans got on stage and showered him with an assortment of goods including money.

Zibah entertainment director David Mudzudzu said they wanted to make him meet his fans and restore confidence in the musician.

“We decided to have a free show for him because we wanted fans and promoters that he is still talented despite his situation. I personally offered to pay fuel for musicians who came, posters, PA system because we want to restore confidence,” he said.

He said they have managed to raise $600 for him and his band members, as well as groceries. Mesi expressed his gratitude to Zibah in assisting him to revive his career.

“People said I was a drunkard but it only depends with the situation. That is water under the bridge now as I am back in action and we are coming with a Njerama revival gig,” he said.

Several musicians that include Peter Moyo, Progress Chipfumo, Potifah Mopo, Bontoman, Edith Weutonga performed.

All the artistes performed well accept for Bontoman who was asked to leave the stage. The Herald