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Reciting poverty statistics an insult to Zimbabweans

Contradictions, confusion, hypocrisy, incompetence, mediocrity and utter chaos are some of the words that can describe the reign by the current ZANU PF government.

Minister Mupfumira’s speech read at the Mandela Day celebrations oozes confidence of a genius who have just published shocking revelations in a PhD thesis dealing with a complex subject like cancer treatment or anything of that ilk.

While we appreciate the fact that statistics must be the basis of making the right decisions in government, the plight of Zimbabwean people has been going on for close to four decades of ZANU PF rule add the colonial period, suffering has been going on forever.

Reciting the same cannot therefore be regarded as leadership but an act of insulting the people who are aware of their misery they therefore do not need confirmation but solutions from those who pretend to be leading.

A Minister who accepts failure normally must be given either a pat on the back or a long round of applause but in this case Mupfumira was just supposed to go a step further. Lead the way by resigning from the worst Cabinet in the history of Zimbabwe.

The People’s Democratic Party is irked by the pretence she then expresses in her speech, she argues that the government is committed to implementing Sustainable Development Goal 1 yet Mupfumira and her friends in ZANU PF’s actions are to the contrary.

Spending public funds like confetti does not eradicate poverty instead it cripples government and deals a blow to any hope of funding the welfare state.

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Paying ghost workers every month at the same rate at which you pay genuine workers does not improve the lives of the civil servants or that of their dependants it only reduces motivation resulting in dysfunctional public departments.

Derailing the implementation of development related constitutional provisions like devolution is not a way to poverty eradication but a perpetuation of uneven development and inequality ultimately breeding national divisions.

Churning out tenders to people like Wicknell and Chiyangwa will not eradicate poverty but perpetuate patronage without any services rendered to the state.

Spending millions on diamond rings and cakes on feasts during a famine is not a way to poverty eradication but a ruthless way of watching helpless citizens starving.

Leaving state capture unchallenged is not a ministerial commitment to poverty eradication but a promotion of corruption, self-aggrandisement through shady groups and individuals like Sakunda, Rautenbach, Bredenkamp, Afrexim Bank, Tagwireyi, Trafigura ,the Butcher , Anjin, Mbada, and Trafigura.

What will eradicate poverty is an active policy scenario aimed at mainstreaming supply side solutions to the current economic crisis. If Zimbabwe is to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 1, the following must happen.

  1. Mugabe and ZANU PF must leave office either through an election, resignation or mass demonstrations, ZANU PF rule is intricately linked to the crisis resulting in the unpalatable suffering of our people.
  2. A proper government must implement an Emergency Economic Recovery Program like the one we mention in the Holistic Program for Economic Transformation (HOPE).
  3. Taxes must contribute to the development of the Welfare State ensuring the people access both health and education so as to give every Zimbabwean a chance to live a self-determined life.
  4. Creating a special fund to deal with distressed industries and marginalised areas.
  5. Construct the country out of the crisis, directly and indirectly creating millions of jobs.
  6. Support innovation, embrace ICTs and ensure climate adaptation as a way of dealing with the threat on food security.
  7. Create a Transformational Democratic Developmental state to steer inclusive growth. Statistics talk shows by people like Mupfumira will not do the trick.

37 years of ZANU PF misrule has created abject poverty  for 72, 3% of the population, the People’s Democratic Party President will soon deliver a State of the Economy Address(SEA),he will deal with the issues of poverty in detail.

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