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Reverend on attempted murder

By Bornwise Mtonzi

The man, who was injured when he caught his wife with a United Methodist Reverend, yesterday wept uncontrollably as he narrated how he was thrown off a moving vehicle.

David Gwarazimba
David Gwarazimba

David Gwarazimba, 47, broke down as he was narrating how he caught his wife Patience Tambudzai with Reverend Elliot Chikwenjere before he got out of the witness stand and left the gallery.

Chikwenjere is accused of attempted murder.

Gwarazimba told the court that he got suspicious when his wife received a call from Chikwenjere when they were on their way to town.

“Your Worship, I have known this man for the past 11 years as he used to work with my wife at the United Methodist Church headquarters.

“When my wife received a call, I was the one with her bag so I took the phone and saw the accused’s number but it was saved under another name.

“I gave her the cellphone and I heard them arranging to meet along Albion (Street),” he said.

He added:

“When we were dropped at Copacabana, I insisted to escort her but she refused.

Rev Chikwenjere and his wife
Rev Chikwenjere and his wife

“Since I suspected what was happening, I trailed her from Copacabana up to the Raleigh Street where she met with Chikwenjere.

“I even saw them kissing the moment she entered the car.”

Gwarazimba also told the court that he did not jump on the car bonnet but it was Chikwenjere who bumped on him as he tried to flee.

“When he realised I was standing close to his car, he sped off hitting me in the process and I fell right on top of his car’s bonnet.

“He sped off driving sideways to rid me off his car but with no success.

“Other drivers tried to stop him but he was out for blood.

“He then applied emergency brakes resulting in me falling from the car.”

Gwarazimba could not continue as he broke into tears and cried uncontrollably before he left the gallery.

He wanted the matter proceeded but the court told the State to look for another date as he was still emotionally unstable.

However, Chikwenjere through his lawyer denied the charge saying it was Gwarazimba who intended to cause harm to him.

“Your Worship, I plead not guilty to the charge.

“I did not at any time had the intention to inflict any form of harm upon the complainant but it was the complainant who was the aggressor.

“It was the complainant who exhibited his intention to harm me.

“He is the one who jumped on my vehicle and proceeded to strike the windscreen attempting to gain access to injure me.

“Fearing for my life, I then drove off and whenever I stopped he would increase the attack on the windscreen shouting that he wanted to kill me,” said Gwarazimba.

Chikwenjere said this happened until Gwarazimba lost his grip and fell off the moving car.

Allegations facing the 46-year-old are that on June 12 at around midday, Chikwenjere was parked along Kaguvi Street in the capital.

Patience Tambudzai
Patience Tambudzai

It was when Gwaradzimba saw his wife, Patricia Tambudzai seated in Chikwenjere’s car.

Out of suspicion that Chikwenjere was having a love affair with his wife, Gwaradzimba jumped onto the car bonnet and went on to hold the wipers.

Reports are that Chikwenjere then drove his car along Kaguvi Street, injuring Gwaradzimba on the head and face.

He was referred to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for treatment while Chikwenjere was taken to the police.

Chikwenjere was then taken to court charged with attempted murder.

Harare Regional magistrate Temba Kuwanda postponed the matter to July 13 for trial continuation.

Vallery Ngoma appeared for the State. H Metro