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Mawarire resigns from Mujuru’s NPP

National People’s Party (NPP) national spokesperson Mr Jealousy Mawarire has quit the party, hardly a week after he was involved in a public fight with the party president Dr Joice Mujuru’s spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro, at a local hotel.

Jealousy Mawarire
Jealousy Mawarire

The fight, which left Nyandoro with a broken leg, took place just outside Bronte Hotel in Harare last Thursday. The fight was sparked by long-standing differences over NPP’s position regarding the proposed opposition coalition.

In a letter addressed to Dr Mujuru, Mr Mawarire informed her that he was going to resign as the party spokesperson, as a national member representing Harare province and from being a card-carrying member of the party.

“I have made this decision after thorough reflection on events happening in the party, especially the unruly behaviour exhibited by your spokesperson Mr Gift Nyandoro, whom you are aware had been showing thuggish behaviour even during National Executive Committee meetings that you chaired, wherein he has threatened fellow national members with physical harm or “taking them to satanic realm”, whatever that means,” he said in a letter addressed to Mujuru.

“That such behaviour hasn’t been condemned even when it happened in your full view during meetings that you chaired was, to me, bad and when the same Nyandoro carried his thuggish behaviour to the extent of pushing my wife who had come to inquire why he was being abrasive towards me when he followed me to Bronte Hotel where I was attending a ZESN-EU workshop, took away the little respect I had for him and your office that I thought he represented.”

Mr Mawarire further said the malice that Mr Nyandoro showed after the altercation at Bronte Hotel had him realise that he wasn’t just dealing with a ‘thug’, but a dishonest character that he would not love to work with.

He alleged that Mr Nyandoro, with the help of other unnamed party members had hired thugs to trail him and harm him.

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you gave me to serve under you, to defend what I know is right and for projecting the real (Dr) Joice Mujuru that I know you are,” Mr Mawarire said.