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Christian group in voter awareness drive

By Bridget Mananavire

A religous movement organisation, Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD), led by Ancelimo Magaya has launched a campaign to raise voter awareness among Christians in Zimbabwe and mobilise them to participate in the 2018 election.

Outspoken preacher Ancelimo Magaya
Outspoken preacher Ancelimo Magaya

Magaya said the looming elections could only be different if people not only voted freely in peace, but also with a conscience which guides voters to select leadership on Godly principles.

“An election is so critical that a voter ought to exercise his or her vote to determine and usher in the political changes necessary to move the nation forward, hence the need to demand certain values of conduct and discipline from political candidates and to those who govern us,” the ZDD director said.

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He said the Christian electorate will not vote for candidates who promote violence, intimidation, corruption, abuse of power and incompetence, based on God’s Word, but will vote for peace, transparency, competence and respect for the Constitution.

“We are therefore launching this campaign under the banner: Christian Vote. Why Christian vote?

“Number one, because demographics vindicate us that we are in the majority, two, because Christ-centred values are the only acceptable standard to the extent that leaders in our beloved country are sworn into office using the Bible as a measurement of commitment and conduct, and guess what that Bible is His voice, so we are not ushering anything new as it were but, just rallying the nation to its godly conscience.”

“This philosophy will be pushed from the pulpits from every Christian gathering. ZDD is rolling out a massive campaign across the country and reach out to prayer groups to commit this programme to the Lord.

“There will be different activities to be held in various provinces and we will eventually hold a national convergence in Harare to rally people around this campaign.

“Gone are the days when intimidation, violence and vote buying ruled the roost, shape up and endear yourself, your party to these noble values or meet the fate,” Magaya said.

ZDD has been vocal in governance issues, with the group holding demonstrations last year against government’s failure to uphold human rights and police brutality.

The organisation claims Zimbabwe has been run down due to corruption, thievery and bad governance.

“Our nation has no economy but, mere vestiges, no local currency to talk of and the reason is clear, we have killed our economy.

“There is no need to smokescreen it any longer by sanctions excuse or anything else because if we had managed our resources prudently, exercising good governance with Godly fear that forbids reaping from where one did not sow.” Daily News