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Eveline High pupils help Tsholotsho flood victims

By Cynthia Dube

Pupils from Eveline High School in Bulawayo yesterday donated clothes, food, blankets and stationery to Tsholotsho floods victims.

Matebeleland North Provincial Administrator Miss Latioso Dlamini receives part of the consgnment of the donation that was donated by Eveline Girls High Dreams Club pupils at the school premises yesterday. (Picture by Cynthia Dube)

The pupils, who are members of the school’s Dreams Club made up of 60 girls, handed over their donation to Matabeleland North Provincial Administrator Ms Latiso Dlamini.

Ms Dlamini said Eveline High was the first school to donate to Tsholotsho flood victims who have so far received help from Government, Non-Governmental Organisations and churches.

“I would like to thank these good girls on behalf of the victims. It is very impressive to know that pupils have a sense of responsibility. We are very grateful to receive this donation,” said Ms Dlamini.

“Can you imagine these people left their homes with nothing to eat even clothes to change? Now they have pads and blankets. There are 500 children who are supposed to be going to school but there is no stationery,” she said.

Eveline High School Dreams Club ambassador, Rejoice Moyo (15), a Form Four pupil, said the club felt obliged to assist Tsholotsho victims.

“Even though we are filled with sorrow, we stand with courage and hope for a brighter future in the spirit of Ubuntu. We would like to offer our support to other people who are in need,” she said.

Rejoice said they collected the donations among themselves and are looking forward to collecting another donation for Huwana flood victims in Plumtree.

Last month, the Matabeleland North Civil Protection Unit (CPU) appealed for assistance to feed, clothe and shelter about 1 000 people, mostly from Tsholotsho North, who were left homeless by floods.

The people from eight villages in Sipepa area were removed from their homes and temporarily camped at Sipepa Centre.

Driving rain swept away homes and livestock, leaving hundreds of villagers with just the clothes on their backs.

Meanwhile, The Chronicle is co-ordinating donations for Tsholotsho flood victims.

The victims are in need of food items, tarpaulin tents, mosquito nets and blankets; A5 exercise books, pens and markers; sanitary pads, cotton wool and crepe bandages; shoes, clothes, soaps and buckets as well as malaria and HIV test kits.

Treated poles, brandering timber among others are also required.

*The Chronicle is co-ordinating donations to assist Tsholotsho floods victims and those with donations such as second hand clothes and other such items should contact Editor’s secretary Estere Linje on 09-888871-9 or 0777952380 or bring such donations to the Chronicle at corner 9th Avenue and George Silundika Street. The Chronicle