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Tshidz Pongo debuts with inspirational book “More than a Woman”

Her husband is a Christian author and journalist and she thought to also make her mark. Tshidz Pongo has penned a book titled ‘More Than A Woman; The Power of Inner Peace’. When a woman’s inner peace is threatened, she engages herself in war. This war is both physical and spiritual. This is the theme of the book.

Tshidz Pongo debuts with inspirational book "More than a Woman"
Tshidz Pongo debuts with inspirational book “More than a Woman”

In “More Than A Woman”, Tshidz Pongo explores the complexities of inner peace and offers priceless advice directed at women but beneficial to all men. The book discusses the importance of inner peace and the need to have inspired role models.

The book also takes a look at the company that one keeps “be relentless with surrounding yourself with those who bring out the best in you,” says Tshidz in this inspirational book.

Tshidz explores the benefits of finding inner peace in a world full of turmoil.

“We live in a troubled world and these days more than ever before inner peace is a critical ingredient in every persons life” she said.

Speaking to Nehanda Radio about her new book, Tshidz went on to say; 

“I specifically wrote this book to women but the message generally applies to everyone and men best take notes. 

“With the advent of social media and all the live broadcasts that are now easily accessible to all and sundry we have people openly venting out their personal problems on public forums,” she said.

She continued “Yes, your situation is infuriating. And yes, complaining bitterly can make you feel better but only up to a point. But that will not bring you inner peace.”

The author of the inspirational book ‘More Than A Woman’ took the opportunity to teach a little more on the subject saying:

“The wars we fight are not just physical they are spiritual. One way that the devil uses to attack your spiritual and physical wellbeing is to disrupt your inner peace.”

She further stated that people particularly women should never be fooled to think that venting out publicly brings lasting solutions or any form of peace.

“Oh, the joy of publicly bitching about an ex on social media! How sweet it is to speak the unspeakable truth about the stupidity of your boss, the tedium of your daily chores, the intolerable passive aggression of your in-laws!”

“Doing all these things may offer temporary gratification but they disrupt your inner peace and without inner peace you are weakened and joy will elude you and real rest will be but a fantasy.” She said.

Tshidz Pongo, strongly discouraged the use of social media forums as a means of trying to resolve family or personal and sometimes even private issues.

“Maybe you’ve had the creeping feeling that frequent venting, like going on Facebook live will solve your problem or embarrass, whoever, you deem to have wronged you. Sure, it’s cathartic, but can it also hurt you? Is it equally useful in all contexts?

“Does it help us solve problems, or merely entrench them more deeply in our minds and therefore, our lives? Real peace is not found in anger or revenge. Inner peace comes from forgiveness and a willingness to live and let live.”

She went on to say, “Vent is a word we often use to justify outbursts. We also call it blowing off steam because we know venting is the metaphorical equivalent of controlling the pressure in a steam engine. Negative emotions give us energy to act — there’s nothing like intolerability to light a fire under one’s feet — but too much of that negative energy, contained too tightly, causes explosions in people and machines alike.

“Although some may argue that venting is useful and necessary. It’s also easy to misuse. Many of us, fearing we’ll explode, err on the side of venting excessively, releasing so much pressure we can’t move forward as powerfully as we otherwise could.

“I am guided by Christian values and as I said before real peace is found in a willingness to forgive and that is what Jesus Christ teaches. My husband puts it this way;

“Vent too much of your frustration, and you may never invent a brilliant solution to a practical problem or challenge social injustice.

“Vent all your passion, and you may never write the book that’s inside you or pursue the love of your life. I am not sure if those are his original words but I have heard him quote those words so many times I attribute them to him now.”

More Than A Woman; The Power of Inner Peace, is available only as a soft copy on Amazon Kindle.