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Mukupe a witless idiot

By Robson Chere

And it comes without saying that the empty vessels shout out the most and the most clueless give counsel.

Terence Mukupe
Terence Mukupe

Wait this is just the beginning, because there is one Terence Mukupe, an illusionary banker famous for presiding over the collapse of Renaissance Bank, also Zanu PF MP in parliament.

This spoilt little boy who is a long serving assassin for capital, having worked in the infamous Wall Street, thinks this country is begotten to his idiocy. We are fortunately not part of his shallow audience and lets expose him pound for pound.

Gloating on Star FM’s Spot Light hosted by George Musumba on 30 January 2017, Mukupe went on an overdrive attacking everyone including innocent and suffering rural teachers on a show about warriors’ performance at Afcon 2017 in Gabon.

It is mind boggling how anyone in their normal faculties would deviate from a discussion  about soccer into bonus affairs of which he knows nothing about.

While to the novice Mukupe may appear to be just one of the many who belittle everyone who is against their prejudices; Mukupe’s efforts are in fact part of a systematic and prolonged war against Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ).

It was no co-incidence that an  incredulous Mukupe, who is a beneficiary of a luxurious parliamentary off road vehicles which goes along with holiday allowances, would lampoon about teachers’ bonuses. His is a world of plenty, in fact he is looking to bribe the gods by being one of the many prophetic pretenders; claiming of course to be a minister of God’s word.

For his prophetic dream we have no alms but on the bonuses question we take a pound and a big one too.

Who in the world has given this misguided petty  bourgeoisie the right to insult, belittle and scandalise the torchbearers of education in the nation. This level of idiocy is unacceptable.

It is common cause that rural teachers enlighten 75% of Zimbabwe’s youths each year. In fact the President and Secretary General of ARTUZ have produced over 90% pass rates in the last 3 years.

In the same years parliament, for which Mukupe is part of, has absolutely abandoned its duties to align laws with the constitution and Mr Mukupe dares attack the rural teachers.

It goes without saying that ARTUZ protested on 4 January 2016 for bonus, was part of the National Shutdown on 6 July 2016, walked for 200km for rural education from Mtawatawa to Harare and held the most memorable World Teachers Day in 2016.

It follows that the sorry Honourable take note of the fact that he must take care of his mother(Unknown but in England) and wife (Dadirai), who he claims to love in his interview, to the extent that he should not seek psychological compensation by attacking long suffering rural teachers.

In our view, Mr Mukupe must not squander his opportunity to apologise for being part of the rogue system which can alarm that an ordinary operative like Mukupe is an educated intellectual of sort. He is not!

Mukupe is one of the many oppressing us but we remain clear in our fight against their corruption and ultimate evil!
Ours is a fight for pro-poor education!

Robson Chere ARTUZ Secretary General writes here in his own capacity
+263 775 643 192