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Zimbabwe: A nation of jokers

By Unknown

Zimbabweans will never be serious with their situation, every problem is taken as a joke and no one takes action to rectify bad situations.

Zanu-PF Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba weighed in saying the banning of second hand clothing was not a good idea especially in the face of current job losses.
Zanu-PF Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba

Just a few days ago, on Monday the 28th of November, a useless form of a currency was introduced, instead of coming together to question this currency, Zimbabweans are busy making jokes of the currency that will devour all their savings and earnings.

Some have created jokes about the colour and texture of the money as if it is real money, others have joked about it as a record, others have made jokes unaware of the dangers ahead. Zimbabweans are a joke.

A few months ago, someone was appointed to the headship of the national airline, Air Zimbabwe, instead of being serious and stop the nepotism, Zimbabweans went on to joke about the appointment and even went to the extend of calling the Airline in a mocking way, all jokes. He is earning money for nothing and Zimbabweans see it as a joke.

Social media is awash with jokes by people who imitate the president’s voice, nothing of sense is said except jokes and jokes alone. Zimbabweans are a joke.

Chinotimba is a Member of Parliament, who is earning lots of money while he can’t even write his name yet Zimbabweans see it as a joke, to spend time discussing his illiteracy as if that brings bread on our tables. Jokes is all Zimbabweans can do.

Zimbabweans are a joke.

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Lots of money is wasted on jokes, the cost of data bundles used to spread useless jokes is massive, billions of data is wasted for nothing. Zimbabweans are a joke and nothing will change but will get worse until WORST.

The long queues that form everyday by the banks have been turned into jokes by the joke creative Zimbabweans. The situation is not calling for jokes, but for introspection.

Zimbabweans, jokers as they are, they have now taken to prophets, who have since realised that they, Zimbabweans, are a joke, they promise them dams where there are no rivers, jobs where there is no industry or factories, money from miracles , protection from the unknown through buying oil and water, and Zimbabweans joke as they are, fall head and tails into it.

Zimbabweans have been kept busy by spreading and creating jokes to the extent that they wait for things to change only when some important chef dies, no one knows who told them that he will die soon. Zimbabweans are a joke.

The prophets keep on telling the gullible Zimbabweans to wait for God to act, while they don’t wait to line their pockets with the poor foolish Zimbabwean jokers. God will never come to change the situation in Zimbabwe unless Zimbabweans start to register to vote and the vote on the election days.

Zimbabweans have become very good camera people, with the cheap Chinese cellphones, videos and photos of everything is awash on Facebook and Whatsapp, what a shame.

Accidents have been posted, instead of helping the victims, Zimbabweans will like to spread the photos or videos. Women and children being abused, Zimbabweans will take photos and videos, a nation of jokers, Zimbabwe.

Life will never change on its own, we are in this mess because some people chose to do so, we can only get out of the mess if we choose to do something, SOMETHING and not jokes.

Zimbabwe can never be liberated by spreading jokes. We are joking when some people are taking food away from our children’s mouths.  

Zimbabweans are joking when the nation is burning.
Poverty is not a joke.
Bond notes are not a joke.
Zimbabwe government is not a joke.
Zimbabweans will never liberate themselves because Zimbabweans are only good at joking.