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Rapist jailed 15 years

By Tarisai Machakaire

A Harare man who pounced on a couple that stood by a roadside during the night and pretended to be a community leader before dragging the woman to a bush and where he raped her was yesterday slapped with an 18-year jail sentence.

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Thompson Nyamare, 36, of New Tafara Harare, was convicted by Harare regional magistrate, Temba Kuwanda.

He will serve an effective 15 years in jail as three were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

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In his defence Nyamare had lied to the court that the victim was a commercial sex worker who settled for $2 payment before consenting to the act.

After Nyamare’s conviction, prosecutor Rufaro Mhandu urged the court to impose a stiffer sentence because he had disrespected the woman’s dignity.

“The accused person did not show the slightest form of remorse and went on to label the victim a prostitute. He has no respect for women and must be taught that sexual abuse is not tolerated by these courts,” Mhandu said.

The complainant, 19, (name withheld) resides in Caledonia and was a stranger to Nyamare.

Mhandu proved that on August 30, this year at around 8pm, the complainant was standing with her boyfriend along a road in Caledonia.

Nyamare approached the lovebirds and introduced himself as a community representative for the girl child.

He went on to tell the victim and her boyfriend that it was unlawful for them to be standing together at that hour.

The court heard that Nyamare then ordered the girl to accompany him to the police and instructed her boyfriend to remain behind.

Nyamare and the complainant walked for two kilometres before he dragged the woman into a bush.

He then pushed the woman to the ground and removed her underwear before raping her.

The complainant screamed as Nyamare raped her but was threatened with death and stopped.

After the act, Nyamare fled from the scene.

She phoned her boyfriend and they both went to see her parents.

The matter was reported to the police and Nyamare was tracked and arrested. Daily News