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A letter to my Cousin who buys sex in German sex-shops and brothels

By Nomazulu Thata

 I hope I find you well Cousin, I send you this email for your consideration.

Nomazulu Thata
Nomazulu Thata

We women in the Feminist Party Germany are fighting to abolish sex-shops and sex-houses and brothels in Germany, so that women are not exploited in this rude and backward business. Our sons, husbands, nephews, friends, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, should have decent lives and not buy sex as sport, as enjoyment at the detriment of an absolutely exploited girl.

Women who work in sex industries, in most cases landed there in most excruciating circumstances they are victims of poverty, are abandoned by husbands, chased from homes, are trafficked, betrayed, blackmailed and severely treated inhumanly.

The young girls who work in these sex shops are given pennies to survive another day. We plead with you never to be a customer to such sex houses, and never introduce young people to engage in such indecent practices!

I took great exception in your comments last time when you casually spoke about visiting sex-shops in Germany! Fortunately my son loathes those places that exploit young women in that magnitude of misogynist and exploitation of women by men.

You should always imagine these girls as one of your daughters, sisters, nieces, aunties. You must be in a position to identify your own mother in that absolute na’dness of a woman in these sex-shops and brothels.

Always remember that if you can abuse a strange woman, a young defenceless young woman, you are also capable of abusing your own mother, sister, auntie, sister, daughter, there is a thin demarcation line between the woman you are sexually abusing and your own kith and kin: the mother!

We say stop sex-kauf and with all its rudeness and barbarism and exploitation of women by unscrupulous men! Women are denigrated to the lowest level of human dignity

Please, please have your say in this! Below is information about our cause to abolish sex-kauf in Germany!

I look forward to day prostitution will be abolished in Zimbabwe, I look forward to the day when young girls are not sexually exploited by old sex hungry men but respect them because they are children, women who deserve decency, because there part of us who want warmth and not bare, rude sex acts that satisfy the moment.

Nomazulu Thata

My service to women and girl-children are my uttermost objectives to live for!