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Woman fakes pregnancy to dupe boyfriend

By Gibson Mhaka

A Bulawayo woman was exposed by her ex-boyfriend for allegedly demanding money from him under the pretext that she was pregnant and wanted to perform an abortion.

Lucy Emily Black
Lucy Emily Black

Lucy Emily Black’s unconventional means to enrich herself were exposed at the Bulawayo Civil Court by her estranged lover Mandlenkosi Nkomo who was seeking a protection order against her.

Nkomo said Black vainly attempted to convince him to open his heart and wallet because her stomach was allegedly now growing big with his seed.

He bared his soul saying he no longer wanted to be associated with Black because she had numerous boyfriends.

“I was in a relationship with Lucy Emily Black and she has since turned violent towards me from the day I decided to cut off ties with her.

“She is also in the habit of sending me threatening messages and some of them to my new lover demanding money claiming she is pregnant and wanted to use that money to pay the doctor to perform an abortion.

“Another issue is that she has numerous boyfriends and I no longer want to be associated with her because of her loose behaviour. I don’t want her to talk to me or phone me anymore,” said a troubled Nkomo.

A seemingly livid Black in her response told the presiding magistrate Manasa Musiiwa that she was also fed up with Nkomo and didn’t want anything to do with him in her entire life.

“I don’t dispute what he said and I agree with his decision to cut ties with me since I also no longer want him anywhere near in my life,” she tersely said.

In a bid to maintain peace between the two estranged parties the magistrate however, ordered both of them not to communicate with each other in any way. B Metro