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Diamond mining firm Anjin says “our hands are clean”

Diamond mining firm Anjin, a joint venture between the country’s military and a Chinese-owned conglomerate, did not violate any laws in its transaction of 3,7 million carats of diamonds worth $200 million, the company’s bosses said.

Anjin director Munyaradzi Machacha
Anjin director Munyaradzi Machacha

Anjin director Munyaradzi Machacha told a news conference in the capital that the company has been operating above board.

According to Machacha, everything was done above board and the diamond mining company has records of a $112 million transaction for 3,37 million carats of diamonds that were transported out of the country.

The Anjin boss said Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi — who was then the acting minister of Mines, approved the diamond transaction several years back.

“…that export in question was done above board with all relevant supporting documentation required for the lawful export of the diamonds from Zimbabwe . . .

“The export permits for the 3,37 million carats were duly signed by…Sekeramayi in his capacity as acting minister of Mines after all the requirements for authorisation of the diamond exports by the relevant state agencies had been met,” Machacha said.

Anjin is a joint venture between Chinese Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Company (Afec) and a Matt Bronze who represents government interests in the company on a 50-50 shareholding basis.

Machacha noted that the company, which dragged government to court contesting its expulsion from the diamond fields, does not have control of what happens once diamonds have been sold.

“We therefore got nothing to do with the placement of diamonds on the Shanghai financial services hub by the customer whether real or fictional,” he said.

The Anjin boss noted that the tendering process and valuation of diamonds had the full involvement of the ministry of Mines and Mining Development through the Mineral Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ).

Recently, Mines minister Walter Chidakwa booted out all but two diamond mining companies — in a move that has resulted in legal battles involving government.

In the press statement Anjin, which has investments in properties and the tourism sector, said apart from creating the much-needed jobs it has also helped in attracting foreign direct investment.

“For the record, all Anjin’s value chain activities related to production, storage, shipment, sorting and valuation are done under full oversight and involvement of relevant government of Zimbabwe agencies,” said Machacha. Daily News