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Town Clerk candidate in adultery fiasco

By Blessing Masakadza

A Harare man says he has filed a US$25 000 lawsuit in adultery damages against a prospective candidate for the Harare Town Clerk position engineer Jacob Mutisi.

Jacob Mutisi and Pink Sibanda
Jacob Mutisi and Pink Sibanda

The man, Sengweni Musarurwa alleges that the engineer is having an affair with his wife Pink Sibanda, claims which the engineer denied saying he was being extorted.

He claims he followed his wife and found her at the engineer’s house resulting in an incident that ended at Milton Park Police station.

“I was out of town and told my wife to sleep at a friend’s house as I was not able to pick her. I finished what I was doing early and went to her friend’s house to pick her. Her phone was not reachable and the friend Sinikiwe said a friend had taken her home.

“I went home but I could not find her. Early in the morning I used a phone application to locate her. Our phones (iPhones) were paired together so it gave me a location.

“I drove there and at around 6:15am I was at Mutisi’s house. I checked all the windows and found them and she was covered in blankets. I then managed to get in the room and I found used condoms,” he said.

The aggrieved hubby added, “Mutisi came out and tried to push me out. He claimed my wife was sleeping with his wife. He changed the statement saying he was her pastor and praying for her.”

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The husband said the incident generated into chaos and they went to Marimba police base before being transferred to Milton Park Police station where the issue ended.

He claims he has called the engineer telling him to stop communicating with his wife but he is not heeding his call.

To bolster his claim of a relationship between the engineer and his wife, the husband said when his wife went to South Africa he used his South African number, pretending to be his wife, texting Mutisi.

“I pretended to be my wife and texted him and that all confirmed that he was having a relationship with my wife. My wife has admitted to the affair,” he said.

Engineer Mutisi denied the allegations, saying he was prepared to defend himself.

He said Musarurwa was extorting him, saying before the US$25 000 lawsuit, the husband had demanded US$50 000 from him.

“This guy has been extorting me for some time. Before the lawsuit he had told me that he wanted US$50 000 from me.

“I’m not having an affair with his wife and I’m prepared to defend myself. The wife is there and she will be deposing an affidavit.

I have been talking to her, telling her what her husband has been doing. You can contact her,” he said.

Asked about the allegations of the woman being at his place, Mutisi agreed saying she had come to see him.

About the WhatsApp issue, Mutisi said he was sure that the woman was not the one texting and that he noticed it and mentioned it in one of the messages.

The wife was however said to be in South Africa by the time of going to print.

Musarurwa said he does not want Mutisi’s money and he will donate everything to charity if the suit goes in his favour. H Metro