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‘I’m not producing Macheso’s new album’

By Maxwell Sibanda

HARARE – Popular music producer Bothwell Nyamhondera has revealed that he will not be producing Alick Macheso’s new anticipated album because he is bound by his contract at Diamond Studios where he is currently working.

Alick Macheso
Alick Macheso

Macheso’s new album delay has been news within the music industry with suggestions that the sungura star wanted Nyamhondera — his longtime producer — to produce the product.

Nyamhondera produced most of Macheso’s previous albums and also those of Thomas Mapfumo, Four Brothers, Deverangwena, Paul Matavire, Leonard Dembo, Sytem Tazvida and Tongai Moyo among others.

“I am bound by a contract which does not allow that. As he (Macheso) is putting up his own studio, he is obviously going to face teething technical problems so I only get involved with helping him with advice on what equipment and accessories to buy.

“I will act as a consultant should their engineer have any technical problems with the gear and Pro Tools software like I always do with anybody who might need that sort of help at any studio.

“I am so busy at Diamond Studios to fit that kind of absorbing task into my schedule. I understand the project is well underway and should be out in a few weeks’ time as I was reliably informed that everything was going according to plan,” Nyamhondera told the Daily News on Sunday.

In 2010, Nyamhondera, Macheso and business partner Last Murerwa partnered to create Last Power records but the project flopped. Nyamhondera then went overseas were he came back last year and joined Diamond Studios.

The producer said Last Power could not survive because of personal differences and priorities were clashing to some extent. “When I left for the UK in 2011, the entity was functioning fairly well as regards the economic climate prevailing in the country at the time.

“I lost constant touch with what was happening back here and am still to understand what went wrong myself and haven’t heard the chance to sit down with the other partners to assess the unfortunate turn of events.” Daily News