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Minister Zhuwao: 51% of zero investment = zero empowerment + zero jobs

By Wilbert Mukori

Patrick Zhuwao, who is Mugabe’s nephew, told the Herald newspaper: “As you are aware, this Zanu PF government was elected on a mandate of indigenisation, empowerment and employment creation.

Wilbert Mukori
Wilbert Mukori

“So I believe that it will be my responsibility to ensure that we continue with that programme of indigenisation as articulated by His Excellency [Mugabe]”, Zhuwao said

Unemployment has soared to 90% plus so what employment opportunities has the regime created? You talk of empowering our people and yet 16% or 2 million of our people now live in abject poverty.

This Zanu PF government was NOT elected by the people of Zimbabwe, Mugabe rigged the elections thanks to the corrupt and incompetent Tsvangirai and his MDC idiots.

They were given 18 months to implement the 2008 GPA democratic reforms everyone agreed were necessary for free, fair and credible elections. They stretched the time to 60 months and still they failed to get even one reform implemented. Mugabe went on to rig the elections and the rest is the nightmare we find ourselves in.

Yes Minister Zhuwao you can continue with your indigenisation programme and black empowerment – the only people it has empowered are people like you, an empty drum minister for no other reason than that you are Mugabe’s nephew.

But what you cannot change is the economic reality on the ground; direct foreign investment has completely dried up, you are insisting on getting 51% of zero new investment.

There have been no new employment opportunities because zero new investment produces zero new jobs.

Whilst this regime has continued to pursue its failed policies more and more companies have been forced to lay off workers or close down.

After decades of refusing to reduce their bloated labour force government, parastatals, local government, etc. are now set to lay off thousands of workers.

The appointment of Minister Zhuwao and a number of other new ministers and deputy ministers to swell the size of cabinet to 60 (Ian Smith managed with 12 cabinet members) at the time government is set to lay-off thousands of civil servants just does not make any sense.

But then this is a tyrant used to making decisions that defy logic and common sense.

35 years of relentless corruption, mismanagement and lawlessness as exemplified by the indigenisation programme have supped all the strength from the national economy.

The economic meltdown which has pushed unemployment to 90% plus, forced 2 million into abject poverty, has left the country unable to provide something as basic as clean running water, etc. In reality it is getting worse.

Two weeks ago Mugabe assured Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote that the obnoxious indigenisation law will be waived. He was set to invest $1 billion. He will not be amused to hear the regime is not ditching its indigenisation laws. Mr Dangote has better things to do than waste his time renegotiating the waiver all over again; he will pull out of the deal.

Mugabe has managed to avoid regime change stay in power for 35 years because he was able to cheat, bamboozle, rig elections and even murder his political opponents.

But in the economy, he has met more than his match; the economic meltdown has brought about an economic crisis he cannot ignore although he is doing his best to do so. The universal truth of the mathematic equation is irrefutable:

51% of zero new investment  =  zero black empowerment  +  zero new jobs

Mugabe and his nephew can say what they like but they will not change anything. Indeed it is the tyrant’s failure to create empowerment and jobs out of nothing that, in the end, will him to accept regime change!

51% of zero new investment = zero black empowerment + zero new jobs    (stage 1)

= economic meltdown (stage 2)

= regime change (long dreaded by Mugabe) (stage 3)

Stage 3 has now started in earnest and the stubborn pursuit of fail policies, appointment of deadwood into the already bloated cabinet, etc. are not stopping the process but will hurry it along instead.