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Woman disrupts ‘small house’ wedding

By Mbongeni Msimanga and Lungile Tshuma

BULAWAYO – Drama erupted at a Bulawayo Municipal Hall in Famona yesterday after a man tried to secretly wed his “small house” only for his wife to discover at the eleventh hour after she consulted a prophet to help her interpret a dream.

File picture (December 2013) of another wedding being disrupted in Gweru
File picture (December 2013) of another wedding being disrupted in Gweru

Nobuhle Nkomo reportedly stunned guests and relatives who were attending the joint union of Sheppard Nzara and Clemencia Munkuli when she objected to the blessings that were about to be delivered by the marriage officer.

Guests and relatives, who were now feasting when our news crew arrived at the scene, confirmed that Nkomo abruptly stood and objected to the union of her husband to Munkuli.
In her objection, witnesses said, she claimed to be customarily married to the bridegroom.

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The guests said Nkomo showed the pastor birth certificates of their four children, family photos and pleaded that the marriage should be cancelled.

“The wife stood and went forward to show the marriage officer birth certificates bearing the groom’s name and signature. The husband kept on sweating and some people started going outside because there was no need to be in the room,” said the witness, adding:

“The marriage had to be cancelled because the husband could not even dispute that they were married.”

In an interview with Sunday News, Nkomo said revelations that her husband was getting married came to light through a dream and were later confirmed by a prophet who directed her to the place where the proceedings were to take place.

“He is still my husband. We were together last Sunday and today I phoned him and he told me that he was out of town. We are customarily married and I am shocked he is getting married to another woman,” she said.

“As you can see, the priest has left the place. He thought that I would not find out about his secret wedding, but thanks to my dreams and the prophet who gave me direction to this wedding.”

The daring woman, who was armed with her children’s birth certificates bearing the name of the groom, said she was shocked to learn that Nzara had two children with Munkuli.

Efforts to get a comment from Nzara were fruitless, as one of the relatives barred the news crew from interviewing him before confirming that the wedding was cancelled.

“I think it’s best you write whatever you want and leave us alone. Yes the marriage was stopped, but is there a need for you to come here?” one relative said. Sunday News