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Man United boss blasts TV presenters live on air

Louis van Gaal demonstrated his famous temper when he was called out of the blue live on air and quizzed about Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea’s future.

Cuatro TV hosts phone Louis van Gaal about David de Gea (Screen grab)
Cuatro TV hosts phone Louis van Gaal about David de Gea (Screen grab)

The United boss is currently enjoying a few weeks’ relaxing at home in his native Holland ahead of the new season, so you can imagine how happy he was to have his domestic idyll shattered by a couple of loudmouths demanding to know why he is blocking Real Madrid‘s purchase of De Gea.

Spanish TV statio Cuatro made the call – and got the United boss increasingly riled up.

“I have no comment – you know that,” he said.

“I never speak to the media about this type of thing…

“No problem – but goodbye.”

The host continued to press Van Gaal on the latest stories in the press, perhaps hoping to discover if his refusal to sell is the sticking point in the transfer deal – a story reported by Marca’s Sunday edition.

But the increasingly stroppy Van Gaal refused to engage in the debate before simply saying: “No. Adios.” and hanging up.

Goal.com transcribed the entire call:

Reporter: Hello, Louis. How are you?

Van Gaal: Why are you calling?

Reporter: I was calling about De Gea. Are you angry?

Van Gaal: Yes, yes, but I don’t have any comment. You know that… no problem, it doesn’t interest me either.

Reporter: Are you expecting him to stay at Manchester United or do you think that he will come to Madrid?

Van Gaal: No, I don’t give…I don’t want to respond! I never talk with the media about this topic.

Reporter: Not even about Ramos? Not Sergio Ramos?

Van Gaal: I don’t talk about these things because I talk with my directors, not with the media. So, no problem, but… Goodbye. You know me, you know that I don’t respond.

Reporter: I know, I know, but as it’s such a conflicting topic, conflicting these days…

Van Gaal: Conflicting? You say that! You say that!

Reporter: Man, if your goalkeeper leaves or if Sergio Ramos wants to leave Madrid so they can play together, that’s conflicting no?

Van Gaal: No. Goodbye. Euro Sport.com