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Chipaz acquitted

HARARE – Popular music promoter, Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza, who was facing charges of malicious damage to property and unlawful conduct, has been acquitted.

Music promoter Partson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions
Music promoter Partson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions

Chipaz, who was represented by Fred Machokoto, was acquitted after a full trial that was presided over by Harare magistrate, Takunda Mutetwa.

Magistrate Mutetwa ruled in favour of Chipaz’s defence that he had been given authority to use the car by Tapiwa Maringe hence there was no criminal intent.

“There was no direct evidence to link the accused to the offence” and the car in question, a Toyota Granvia was “not produced in court as an exhibit so it was difficult to know its condition,” ruled magistrate Mutetwa.

In his defence outline led by his lawyer, Machokoto, Chipaz said he had been given the car by Tapiwa Maringe as the latter owes him some money so the car was given as surety.

“He (Tapiwa) said he was the owner of the car and he signed an affidavit to that effect which gave the accused the green light to use the vehicle and that can be produced in court as an exhibit.

“And that, for all intents and purposes, Tapiwa Maringe should be the complainant in the matter. The accused was entitled to use the car as he pleases,” argued Chipaz in his defence outline.

And indeed, the court leaned in his favour and last week, Chipaz walked out of Harare magistrates’ court a free man. H Metro