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Book Café bans Soul Jah Love

By Sharon Muguwu

HARARE – Controversial Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love has been banned from performing at the Book Café after reporting three hours late for a show on Friday.

Soul Jah Love continues to attract controversy
Soul Jah Love continues to attract controversy

The award-winning Soul Jah Love, who was born Soul Masaka, infuriated the management at Book Café after turning up at 11pm for a concert that was scheduled to start at 8pm.

To make matters worse, Soul Jah Love refused to perform for the paltry crowd that had waited for his show. As a result, about 30 fans that had paid for the gig had to be refunded.

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Thomas Brickhill, the managing director of the award-winning arts joint, told the Daily News that it was a disappointment he would not want to deal with again.

“I will never book him again for shows at the Book Café as this is disappointing,” said Brickhill.

“I have not spoken to him directly or his management, but I was speaking to my sound engineer who booked the show. I am trying to schedule a meeting with them so that they can explain what delayed them.”

Brickhill, who took over the reins at the Book Café after the death of his father last October, added that Soul Jah Love’s behaviour was inexcusable.

“I am a business owner and this kind of behaviour is bad for business. I had to refund the people who came in as he showed up late and refused to perform. He came in late, saw that there were a few people,” he said.

This is not the first time that the joint has had problems with Zimdancehall musicians. Last year, Soul Jah Love’s wife Bounty Lisa and the equally-controversial Lady Squanda also did not show up for a show.

On Christmas Eve, Tocky Vibes pulled another fast one on the Book Café. He was scheduled to perform at 7pm but only showed up at 10.30pm. The youthful Tocky Vibes only performed three songs before leaving in a huff without even apologising or explaining why he came in late and was leaving early. His manager was later quoted in the media claiming that the Mhai singer had cut his Book Café concert because he was rushing to another show.

These disappointments with Zimdancehall stars have left Brickhill skeptical about doing business with them in future.

“It has shown me that the dancehall musicians are unprofessional. I have had four disappointments in the last six months coming from them and I will be hesitant to book any of them again. At first I did not want to make a harsh decision based on one or two individuals’ behaviour, but now it is clear that they lack professionalism,” said Brickhill, a lead guitarist in the mbira-punk outfit, Chikwata 263.

“I would rather keep working with the Jazz and other genre artistes who are not that popular but deliver on stage and manage themselves professionally. The Zimdancehall artistes are not professional and I am reluctant to do business with them again.”

The Daily News could not get a comment from Soul Jah Love as his phone was continually unreachable. Daily News