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Everything Grace Mugabe touches turns to maggots

By Makusha Mugabe

Surpassing their audacity so far, Robert Mugabe and his wife, who are holidaying in Singapore, have instructed the Governor of Mashonaland West Martin Dinha, to confirm that Grace Mugabe has grabbed Manzou Farm from where 200 families were illegally evicted last week.

Behead Rapists: Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe

Dinha’s earlier attempt to smooth over the damage caused by Press Reports that Grace Mugabe had evicted the families were wiped out as he made a shocking volte-face.

It turns out to be another expose of how Zimbabwean government officials have been reduced to mere tools of the Dictator Family which does not really care how much suffering it inflicts on Zimbabweans.

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Dinha’s u-turn after a week of telling the Press that the families were evicted ahead of a government game sanctuary was described by MDC spokesman Obert Gutu as “shamelessly misleading the media and brazenly lying to the whole nation.”

But the fact that Dinha, an advocate, can be forced to abandon the ethics of profession, or any other moral campus, if the First Family wills it, and the Zanu (PF) constitution can be suspended, is also a clear statement by the Dictator Family that it has full control over everyone in the system.

Forcing Dinha to put his reputation on the line by now confirming that Manzou Farm would be given to Grace Mugabe for a wildlife sanctuary shows that the First Family does not really care about the outcry from Zimbabweans about putting vulnerable families out in the rain and cold.

And the fact that the eviction was carried out in violation of a court order also presents us with a Dictator Family that has no respect for its own courts, and a National Prosecuting Authority that is so compromised that it does not find cause to prosecute those who carried out the illegal eviction.

It is also clear that the Department of National Parks and Wildlife is being used to mount this private money-spinning venture by Grace Mugabe using Government funds, equipment and personnel.

The private venture has also been described by the Dictator Family’s mouthpiece, The Herald, as a philanthropic activity on the part of the First Lady. Unfortunately she is being philanthropic with assets that do not belong to her.

Another state asset that has been privatised by the Dictator Family is the government share of Zimbabwe Newspapers, but obviously with the complicity of all the other directors of Zimbabwe Newspapers and the shareholders whom they represent.

The current directors are published as Paul Chimedza (chairman) Charles Utete, Munyaradzi Kereke, Chakanyuka Karase, Epmarcus Kanhanga, Nyasha Madzingira, Joseph S Mandizha, Rungamo J Mbire, Delma Lupepe and Alexander Kanengoni.

State newspapers have literally become the directors of the Zanu (PF) charade, currently obsessed with attempting to bury the Joice Mujuru faction, though it is not clear on whose behalf the newspapers are acting.

The need to bury the Mujuru faction has become so all-consuming that The Herald will go as far as creating stories, rather than reporting them – like today’s headline New Twist To Mutasa Court Bid.

Lawyer Sobusa Gula-Ndebele was forced to tell The Herald’s reporter that he had a right to represent anybody he wanted to represent, including Didymus Mutasa, whose case the newspaper is desperately trying to present as untouchable by any advocate.

And after scratching the surface of a major procurement scandal involving Information Technology Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira, state newspapers have now abandoned the story, leaving online Zimbabwe News Live to take it up. And it is a major scandal.

Analysts have said there is nothing else to expect from the compromised politicians and bureaucrats forming the cabal that is controlling Zimbabwe, because they have no option but to increase repression in order to keep a lid on the groundswell.

They cannot allow a free Press, nor can they allow free and fair elections so that they can be voted out of power and lose all their corrupt earning, and possibly go to jail for crimes that are being swept under the carpet – like the unauthorised animal sanctuary and the illegal evictions.

“We cannot look to them to change course, or to the Herald to start being objective in its reporting, because that would open up all kinds of cans of worms for them,” said a UK based analyst.

“Their whole group with Mrs Mujuru, whatever it is that they are planning, they must not pretend as if they have something to teach Zimbabweans or to bring to them; they must be contrite and come to the people by way of admitting their part in all that Zanu (PF) was doing. Maybe the people might forgive them.”

The Mujuru faction of Zanu (PF) which is threatening to challenge Zanu (PF) in 2018 was also told by Luke Tamborinyoka of the MDC-T  that if they really want Zimbabweans to take him seriously they must first admit to their part in the current Zanu (PF) rot.

Mutasa himself was the most notorious, to the extent of ordering violence against MDC-T activists and justifying it by saying that the MDC-T did not deserve any space in the public because the party wants to sell the country to the West.

Mrs Mujuru herself is directly implicated in election violence that saw MDC-T activist being killed.

So they have a mountain to climb, firstly their own former comrades who are bent on burying their faction together with their bodies, as they have been trying to do to the MDC-T all these years, then against the MDC-T itself now well-schooled in the art of fitting dictatorship. Change Zimbabwe