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Shuvai Mahofa collapses after dancing for 2 hours

Excessive bootlicking can be hazardous to one’s health. Below is a case in point.

Shuvai Mahofa
Shuvai Mahofa

According to reports Zanu PF Women’s League national secretary Shuvai Mahofa collapsed on Tuesday after spending two hours singing and dancing together with other top party officials while waiting for First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Local daily NewsDay reports that Mahofa later told party members that she had succumbed to the sweltering heat inside the tents. Grace was initially scheduled to inspect the venue at 1:30pm, but only arrived two hours later.

Scared to be associated with under-fire Vice President Joice Mujuru many Zanu PF politicians are going to extraordinary lengths to appease the Mugabe Family and appear to be supporting First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rise to power.

Over the past few weeks President Mugabe has been carrying out a ruthless purge of all those who are perceived to support his popular VP.

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