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Zimbabwe Presidential Sex Tapes – Coming to your Whatsapp soon!

By Shingai Mugochi

Fake Dr Amai Comrade Grace Mugabe has come out threatening the Vice President, genuine Dr Comrade Joice Mujuru with revealing of tapes exposing her scheming treason as well as depicting sexual behaviour involving an under-cover Ben-10 as they call younger lovers. She goes on to threaten that there is worse than what she has already shared with the public.

Could not stand for kiss at 80 – Mujuru could do with a painful-to-watch revenge sex-tape 10 years on!
Could not stand for kiss at 80 – Mujuru could do with a painful-to-watch revenge sex-tape 10 years on!

So what could she be referring to that could be worse than what she has already implied? Did the recorded encounter result in the VP’s alleged mini skirt coming off resulting in a clinch with the agent sent by Dr Gucci? Or maybe she was captured making a payment for ‘elimination’ of her husband as we were told of dear brother Morgan a few years ago?

This article will focus on the former arbitrary outcome. Detractors may be keen rubbish this postulation, however it is in line with a precedent. The Zanu-PF government has previously silenced Reverend Pius Ncube following such machinations. There might be many more that did not come to the fore. Indeed if Mai Mujuru had resigned last week we may not have heard of these tapes.

Rev Pius Ncube, former fierce gvt critic – silenced for good with video of private trysts
Rev Pius Ncube, former fierce gvt critic – silenced for good with video of private trysts

The use of honey-traps and recording them before broadcasting is work of dark artists – it appears we may have to accept it as political culture seeing as the presidium is glorifying it. The article will thus focus on sex tapes in Zim politics. It seeks to challenge Dr Gucci’s attempt at shock-and-awe tactics by discussing the possible extreme scenario.

Who would want to view the VP’s private moments

Firstly, Joice was born in 1955 – meaning this is her 60th year. She is great grandmother age by any societal standards. So how perverted can Zimbabweans be to tolerate her being recorded in her private and intimate moments? Is it in the public interest for us to even know?

The VP is entitled to have sexual relations especially given that she is single. So what is Dr Gucci’s issue with her wearing a mini-skirt in the company of a male in private? Secondly the VP is the most powerful woman in Zimbabwe, not the most beautiful. So who does Grace want to put off porn by exposing and possibly distributing such a video?

Has Grace ever considered her own private moments with her coffin dodging hubby recorded before being put out into the media? Just the thought of it with her hubby makes one cringe – ooooh, the writer needs to take a break to try and delete that visual!

Grace wants Gono to succeed Mugabe
Husband and alleged lovers of Dr Mugabe who may visit your smartphone soon at this malicious rate

Back from 2hr break, still traumatized and disgusted in equal measure! I could do with the services of a hypnotist. Back to the topic.

The writer’s lay unresearched opinion is that we do not want to know about Mai Mujuru wearing mini-skirts in her private life or even possibly proceeding to have intimacy with whomsoever she desires. It is her business and none of ours.

The president’s young wife will do well not telling us rubbish. If she wants to she can sing about her own abuse of an ailing nonagenarian to those who care to listen, I doubt anyone would be interested.

Grace Mugabe, CIO Operative

Whilst she is routinely referred to as having been ‘secretary in the President’s office’ every Zimbabwean knows that that is a cover for state security agents, CIOs. This organisation will go to deplorable levels to obtain information and murder for their commander in chief. Morality is not part of their operational policy.

Nothing is private enough for these people. Most of them like Dr Gucci fail to reconnect with acceptable social principles. Her demeanour is one of a well-trained thug – she makes threats, and follows them through. Ask the Ray Kaukondes of this country whom she warned during her terrifying trip around the country – the dominoes are now tumbling.

She has very violent language that a normal woman would find repulsive to blurt out in public, like threatening someone with ‘baby-dumping’. What normal mother would find that appropriate as diplomatic language in public?

Zimbabwe is a conservative society, predominantly Christian. While digital technology has made pornography access too easy even when unsolicited we remain very much a clean society. The culture of recording each other in private is just foreign.

The first lady must not throw products of the dark world of CIOs into our faces. Things she is normalising are not normal. It’s like an ISIS terrorist talking candidly about cutting people’s throats!

The average citizen must be worried by Grace recording the VP, a woman surrounded 24/7 by paid trusted bodyguards and aides – most of them very tech savvy.

If Amai Dokotera can breach VP protectors who will defend average Joes from such intrusive recordings being made of us? Where will the boundaries be? David Coltart has already expressed the legal infringements of this act of breaching the VP’s privacy and so will leave that area to experts.

Way Forward

Someone needs to advise the First Lady properly. Oppah Muchinguri and those around her need to stop appeasing her in licking her rear. They need to do the honourable thing and keep her twitchy self away from microphones. She is a disgrace to the country with her toilet kind of politics.

Where are her children while she comes out to embarrass even her dairy cows? Aren’t they ashamed of her as well? Oh well, with a father like that what can a wayward mother do to even begin humiliating them? However as children that grew before the nation’s eyes we can only feel sorry for them and hope one of them will be brave enough to tell the parents.

It is alarming that she is meant to be representing a women’s organisation but has so far made it her priority to pull down the most recognisable women’s empowerment symbol of Zimbabwe. Isn’t Zanu-PF women’s league meant to be fighting for women? Other than her.

At the rate she is going Zimbabweans might be carrying videos of intimacy in their whatsapp of every politician opposed to her husband. Those who saw Rev Pius Ncube’s video do not want to go through worse ordeals in future watching Mujuru or occupants of the State house doing punapuna.

President Mugabe with Zanu PF spin-doctor Psychology Maziwisa
Alleged Zanu-pf gay gangsters – on your smartphone soon if Dr Gucci politics escalates!

What next? Temba Mliswa will be recording and then distributing gay gangbang videos of his foes? Ayiwa vanhu ve Zanu-PF, please grow up. Kwanai!!! Aaaaargh….

Shingai Mugochi is a lay concerned Zimbabwean