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Wife cheats with village head

By Adoration Bizure

The marriage of a rural couple is on the verge of collapse amid reports that the wife is having an adulterous affair with their village head.

Harare Civil Courts
Harare Civil Courts

Faresi Nyemba told the court that he is currently on separation with his wife Esther after he found out that she was having an affair.

Faresi opened up at the Harare Civil Court where he was taken by Esther who was claiming US$200 per month as maintenance from him.

“All the kids I have with this woman are old enough to look after themselves and I don’t know why she wants me to pay her maintenance when she is having an affair.

“For the months that I was not in the rural areas, she has been cohabiting with our village head and their relationship started when I was still there,” said Faresi.

In response, Esther told the court that she needed the US$200 for her upkeep since Faresi had abandoned her in the rural areas.

“The money I want as maintenance is US$200 every month; we are married under Chapter 5:11 and legally, it is his duty to look after me.

“Our children are now able to look after themselves but when they were still young he wouldn’t provide anything for them,” said Esther. H Metro