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UZ students graduate in a jobless Zimbabwe

By Tererai Obey Sithole

Today was yet another day similar to those other uncountable days we have witnessed before, when the dear students from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) congregate together adorned in black gowns with one common agenda of being capped to mark the official end of their respective studies.

Tererai Obey Sithole
Tererai Obey Sithole

Indeed they will say ‘adios’ to the strenuous life of a Zimbabwen student which is marred with unjustified exorbitant tuition fees, rampant abuse, foodless and militarised campuses to mention but just a few. Being cognizant of such a status one is greatly justified to smile in celebration because he/she will be partying with the worrisome circumstances of being a student in Zimbabwe.

However as the students celebrate the end of their student life, their smiles quickly fade away as the graduation ceremony approaches to the end. An epiphany of reality in the Zimbabwean situation will breed a radical shift from happiness to sadness to the ones who will have just been capped.

A thought of a jobless Zimbabwe leaves us without any single reason to celebrate on these popular graduation ceremonies. After being victims of exorbitant tuition fees, reality of unemployment hovering above 80% will be waiting for the graduands and I am sure if there was to be a choice one would prefer to be a student till eternity but still being a student is also another hard mountain to climb hence graduating will become a better though not best option.

The most disturbing part is that all these so un-favourable conditions are prevailing right in the eyes of the Chancellor who also happens to be the President of this JOBLESS country. To my surprise, the Chancellor who is also very much committed to his job makes it a point that he graces the graduation ceremony NOT just to witness events but also to find pleasure in capping the soon to be unemployed yet employable youths.

The hundred million dollar question in this regard will be, where to after graduating? Though the question might sound funny it is a real question which many like us will fail to answer not because we do not know but because its embarrassing to proffer the answers. Ximex mall, street pavements, Commuter ranks, illegal mines will become the next destinations of the majority of the graduands.

One will then ask is this the Zimbabwe we want? Definitely NO!!! We were promised 2,2 million jobs but unfortunately the promise turned to be a pie in the sky. Those who promised us the jobs are nowhere to be seen just like a thunderstorm in the midst of a winter season.

On the other hand the irritation of the ZimAsset mantra is now unbearable in our ears yet nothing tangible has emanated from this unowned document. Others have graduated before and will graduate in the near future but there is no guaranteed employment yet it is the government’s responsibility to create jobs for its citizens.

The failure of the government to meet its mandate of creating jobs for us its citizen makes me wonder on whether we still have a government. If the government is still in existence does it necessarily mean that its members have become so quick to forget what they promised and what they are unconditionally supposed to do?

If they haven’t forgotten then it simply means that they have failed to deliver, therefore the noble thing they should do is to admit that they have failed and pave way to capable members. Zimbabweans will never cease to demand their jobs because it is their constitutional right to be employed. They know where to get their jobs and only time shall tell.