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‘HIV positive’ boy, 16, rapes Grade 4 pupil

By Thandeka Moyo

A 16-YEAR-OLD Nkayi boy who is alleged to be HIV positive, allegedly raped a Grade Four pupil for turning down his love proposal, a court heard.

‘HIV positive’ boy, 16, rapes Grade 4 pupil
‘HIV positive’ boy, 16, rapes Grade 4 pupil

The boy (name withheld), found the girl fetching water from a borehole near their homesteads and followed her to a nearby river.

He appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Chrispen Mberewere yesterday and pleaded not guilty to a rape charge.

In her testimony, the girl’s mother said the boy was HIV positive.

“I have heard from his close relatives that he is on ARVs as he is HIV positive. I do not know what will happen to my child because he did not even use a condom,” she said.

“My daughter came home on that day and told me that she was raped on her way from fetching water from the borehole.”

A police report was made afterwards which led to the arrest of the suspect.

The State, led by Trust Muduma, will seek to prove that on July 30, 2013, at around 4.30PM, the boy arrived at a borehole where the girl was fetching water. He proposed love to the girl who is doing Grade Four and was turned down.

The court also heard that the girl took her bucket of water and headed towards home and the boy followed her.

When the girl reached Bhodabhoda River, the boy knocked the bucket from her head and then forced her to lie down.

He then removed her skirt and panties and raped her once without protection.

The boy then vanished and the girl proceeded to her home where upon arrival she notified her mother. A police report was made leading to the boy’s arrest.

The trial continues on September 10. The Chronicle