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‘He is ruining my marriage by claiming to be the father of our newly born child’

HARARE – A jilted man is claiming paternity of his former girlfriend’s newly born baby. The woman is now married to another man.

Harare Civil Courts
Harare Civil Courts

Mitchell Chikanya told the court that her former boyfriend Tukayi Kwaramba is ruining her marriage by claiming to be the father of her newly born child.

“He is my former boyfriend but i don’t want him to call me or my husband since he is claiming to be the father of my baby.

“He started making these claims when I was pregnant and this is now frustrating my husband so I want him barred from doing that.

“He is jealous that i have now found someone who really appreciates me so he wants my husband to divorce me,” said Mitchell.

Tukayi said that he used to sleep with Mitchell even after they broke up.

“Everyone in our neighbourhood knows about me and her, even after we broke up we used to be intimate but if the protection order is what will make her happy the court can grant her.

“I haven’t been calling her; the person whom I have been calling is her boyfriend and he is the one who should have approached the court not her,” said Tukayi.

Magistrate Barbara Masinire granted the protection order in Mitchell’s favour. H METRO