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Harare flat in Eastlea haunted by ghosts?

By Mirirai Nsingo

An Eastlea woman is reported to have abandoned her flat amid allegations that the place was haunted by ghosts.

Eastlea flat haunted by Ghost
Eastlea flat haunted by Ghost?

Some occupants at Vivandelphi Court told H-Metro that Goodness Mafara was now staying at a garage as she fled from the alleged ghosts.

Mafara however vehemently denied the allegations noting that the speculation had emanated from the property wrangle at the flat.

“I’m not surprised that you have approached me about that issue because there is a girl who threatened to tarnish my image through the media.

“There is a property wrangle as most of the occupants want control of that flat after its owner died in 2010.

“I started living at that place in 1994 and we became close with the owner as I ran most of his errands. He had two children who are now based in Australia.

“Before he died, he appointed me as the executor of the property and he also wrote an affidavit supporting the appointment.

“The problem is that most of the occupants want that flat and they have been fighting me even through the courts but havent won any of the cases,” she said.

Responding to the ghost issue and how her late son was allegedly haunting her, she said people had said a lot of stories after her son was killed in Durban in 2013.

“My son was killed in Durban and there are people who are spreading rumours that I sacrified my son for wealth rituals as a way of boosting my business.

“Kana zvekuti arikumuka chipoko ndakatotanga kunzwawo makuhwa iwayo, kana pane vakamuwona kuda vanga pupura asi ini handina musi wandakambomuona kubvira zvaakashaya.

“Can people please allow my son’s soul to rest in peace! I did not flee from any ghost at that place but I decided to stay here because of business interests. I prepare sadza and sell beer in this area and business has been brisk during the World Cup hence I decided to move so that I could fully run the business.

“My grandchildren are staying at that flat with my maid and i dont know what the people who told you that story are talking about,” added Mafara.

Although moles insisted that the place was haunted, Mafara said that the flat they were fighting for had been condemned by the local authority citing that the property had a lot of debts that had accrued from unpaid rates and bills.

“The flat was condemned by the City Council; all the people at the flat dont have piped water except for me after failing to pay bills. Those people are not paying anything and that property is in arrears in terms of rates,” she added. H Metro