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Teenage girl chooses jail over community service

By Mpumelelo Nyoni

BINGA – A 19-year-old Binga teenager left the court dumbfounded on Friday when she opted for a prison sentence rather than performing community service.

Teenage girl chooses jail over community service
Teenage girl chooses jail over community service

Almay Ndlovu, who appeared in court charged with theft, told magistrate Tancy Dube that there are many things that could disrupt her from fulfilling her obligation to do community service.

The teenager did not specify what she feared would cause her to default on the community service.

Prosecuting, Kenneth Shava told the court how Ndlovu, who was employed as a domestic worker by Neatness Nkomo, stole property worth $395 while her employer was at work.

“On May 31 at around 1PM, Ndlovu took advantage of the fact that Nkomo had gone to work and stole her Nokia cellphone, $75, hairpiece, two trousers, three pairs of jeans, two satchels, a travelling bag, two dresses, three of her children’s t-shirts, two dress tops and pumps before disappearing to her rural home in Binga,” said Shava.

The prosecutor also told the court that police had to track Ndlovu to her homestead in Chibila Village 4, Lusulu in Binga, leading to her arrest.

A visibly shocked Dube quizzed Ndlovu on why she preferred prison to community service.

“You are telling me that you prefer prison. What is it that they have been giving you? This is the first time I’ve heard someone choose prison over community service,” said Dube.

Ndlovu did not respond.

The magistrate sentenced Ndlovu to an effective three months in prison. Chronicle