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Tsvangirai calls for protests over Zanu PF failure to provide jobs

By Tichaona Sibanda

President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF party should be challenged through protests to provide the 2 million jobs they promised Zimbabweans before last year’s elections, the MDC-T leader said on Thursday.

Morgan Tsvangirai 'Freedom Square' rally
Morgan Tsvangirai ‘Freedom Square’ rally last year

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai told a Workers’ Day gathering at Gwanzura stadium in Harare that the economic crisis may never be resolved if pressure is not exerted on the ZANU PF government.

Tsvangirai challenged the youths to lead the fight in demanding jobs telling to ‘wake up and act’ as ‘nothing will be addressed without action.’

Mugabe has however given a very stern warning to any protests against his government saying he is waiting to pounce on those who dare to challenge his rule.

Speaking at the national stadium to mark 34 years of independence last month, Mugabe warned that he may be 90 years old but his feast is 90 tonnes and will not hesitate to use it, amid reports of planned demonstrations.

‘If people are going to go out merely to create violence because they are being instigated….then they are mistaken in their belief. They must look at us and look at our history

‘If they see our silence and forget who we are and believe we are now dormant, we will make them dormant. I may be 90 years old but you see this fist of mine, its 90 tonnes and I will not hesitate to use it. My army is my fist and we will deal with you,’ warned Mugabe.

Calls by any political party for protests requires strong leadership, without this protests are unlikely to happen. SWRadio Africa