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The folly of MDC rebels

Editorial piece by the Daily News

As we have stated before, it is probably easier at the moment to groom a skunk — that stinky cat-sized mammal that sprays a foul-smelling liquid from its backside when it is threatened by an attacker — than it is to make sense of the MDC’s idiotic infighting and what this is supposed to achieve.

The suspensions were announced by Lobengula MP Samuel Sipepa Nkomo at the Mendel Training Centre in Malborough, 15km away from the MDC-T Harvest House headquarters.
The MDC rebels at the Mandel Training Centre in Malborough, 15km away from the MDC-T Harvest House headquarters.

Indeed, how else are long-suffering Zimbabweans supposed to look at this pointless conflict within the party’s leadership when there is seemingly nothing to gain for any of the feuding parties in this insane bloodbath?

At the weekend, and following months of frenzied speculation and strenuous denials, MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti finally came out in the open on his long reported opposition to party president Morgan Tsvangirai.

The lawyer-cum-politician, who was always believed to be the main player behind the so-called renewal team, joined other rebels on Saturday to “suspend” Tsvangirai and other senior MDC leaders.

The dramatic development played out as another damning MDC dossier surfaced claiming that a group of Rhodies, comprising of mainly disillusioned former commercial farmers, was heavily involved in the alleged multi-pronged plot to destroy Tsvangirai and effect illegal leadership change in the MDC.

Although Tsvangirai’s dominant team have rubbished their alleged suspension, the rebels’ move at the weekend not only heralds the official split of the feuding MDC factions, it has truly shaken the country’s main opposition party to its core, amid fears that the party may implode altogether.

The critical question to ask is who is benefitting from this silly infighting and how is this meant to help solve Zimbabwe’s deepening socio-economic problems?

Further, how is removing Tsvangirai supposed to resolve all of the MDC’s known myriad of organisational and strategic challenges?

What concerns most Zimbabweans is that the “latter-day democrats” within the party who are openly stabbing their leader in the back or moving stealthily in dark corners bad-mouthing him have been part of the many strategic errors that the MDC has made over the past 15 years.

It really is telling that these esteemed “saints” are entirely unwilling to shoulder any blame for these mistakes.

Sadly, if there are any winners in the useless MDC fights it is only President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Yet Zanu PF, and our long-suffering country have never needed a stronger MDC than now if Zimbabwe is ever to come right.

Indeed, one does not have to be an MDC supporter to realise that a strong opposition is good for any democracy.

And surely the selfish MDC combatants, particularly the rebels who claim to be operating in the interests of their party and the country, know this.

Let us spell it out even more clearly: none of the supposed “luminaries” within the rebel movement can challenge, let alone match any of Zanu PF’s leading lights. They all know this.

So what do they think they can achieve with their continuing lunacy? Daily News