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Talent show Starbrite auditions prisoners

Talent show Starbrite has extended scouting for potential participants of this year’s edition to prison inmates. 

Prisoners in Zimbabwe
Prisoners in Zimbabwe

The show’s producers have collaborated with the Zimbabwe Prison Services in a programme that seeks to rehabilitate talented inmates and make them participate in the popular talent search show.

At least 55 musical acts were auditioned at the Harare Central Prison.

In an interview with the ZBC News, Starbrite Executive Director Barney Mpariwa said the auditions are a way to expand the reach of the show, and that the initiative will have a positive effect on prisoners.

Several musical groups comprising of inmates have recorded albums that have gone on to be well accepted and the same is expected in this relationship between Starbrite and the prison services.

Starbrite has given birth to talented artistes like Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana and Kiren Zulu among others.

Mpariwa has expressed optimism that stars will also be born among inmates. ZBC