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Love cheat chairman caught via Whatsapp

By Arron Nyamayaro

A Highfield housing co-operative chairman’s sexual appetite for a married woman was exposed last Sunday after he was trapped by the latter’s husband as they allegedly communicated via Whatsapp.

Mutsago being escorted out by a police officer
Mutsago being escorted out by a police officer

Timothy Mutsago (35), is accused of abusing the contact of a desperate housing stand seeker identified only as Mrs Marawa or Mai Linda by asking for sexual favours through Whatsapp and she informed her husband a Mr Marawa.

Mai Linda showed Marawa the text messages leading to the trap.

A scuffle ensued with Mutsago and the matter ended at Machipisa police station where they were referred to the Civil Court after Marawa demanded two beasts for Mutsago’s attempts to have sex with Mai Linda.

Mai Linda told H-Metro that Mutsago abused her contact after she approached him for help in a housing stand dispute.

“I never thought that Mutsago had other interests in me after I asked him for help over the residential stand,” said Mai Linda.

“We had some differences with our housing co-operative chairman and Mutsago approached us accusing our chairman of misusing funds claiming that he had more detail about it.

“I, together with other co-operative members, wanted to know more about it and he asked for my contact number unaware that he wanted to propose love to me.

“He started sending love messages beginning in January demanding to have sex with me in order to solve my issue of a residential stand,” she said.

Mai Linda knew Mutsago since December last year and they were discussing housing stands not knowing that he was developing other interests.

“I knew him since December and was ever enquiring about my husband’s presence at home so that he would come and I never gave him my address.

“Some of the messages are so weird that I failed to ignore and warned him about it and I openly told him that I was married but he continued asking to have sex with me saying I was going to be his second wife.

“I informed my husband about it and he started communicating with him leading to this trap,” said Mai Linda.

Mutsago asked Mai Linda to put on a pair of shorts after he was led to the house and he demanded to have sex twice with Mai Linda before leaving.

“My husband and his brother were in the bedroom when Mutsago entered our house and he started asking me to put on a pair of shorts so as to get physical with my body and sex,” continued Mai Linda.

“All this happened while my husband and his brother were listening in the bedroom.

“Mutsago then wanted to caress me when I screamed resulting in my husband and his brother coming out to confront him.

“He begged for mercy and my parents were called to the scene together with police officers,” said Mai Linda.

Marawa CONFIRMED demanding beasts from Mutsago.

“My wife showed me Mutsago’s messages to her and I started communicating with Mutsago and gave him the address he was demanding so as to visit my wife for sex,” said Mararw. I never suspected my wife of anything bad but after she showed me the messages I respected her for being honest to me.

“I love my wife and people like Mutsago must be taken to where Pastor Gumbura is as he wrecks marriages taking advantage of what they have.

“I was not pleased with the police officers who handled my issue; Mutsago bragged that he is untouchable and they left him free referring us to a civil court.”

He said Mutsago had to respect other people’s marriages since he was also a family man with three children.

Mai Linda on Monday night said Mutsago was threatening her with unspecified action.

“He threatened me yesterday at Machipisa police station but I managed to talk to his wife-Mai Tadiwa-who professed ignorance on the whole issue,” said Mai Linda. Efforts to get a comment from Mutsago were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered. H Metro