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Buhera fish mongers rescued by airforce

Ten fish mongers were rescued by members of the Airforce of Zimbabwe after they were marooned on an Island in the Ruti Dam in Buhera following heavy rains last weekend.

Buhera fish mongers rescued by airforce
Buhera fish mongers rescued by airforce

The incident was confirmed by the officer in charge Buhera police station Inspector Dugmore Chasara while warning villagers in Govere village under Chief Nerutanga.

“Police would like to warn people to desist from crossing flooded rivers or streams during this rain season,” said Chief Inspector Chasara.

“It is better to seek accommodation in other villages than risking your lives by crossing flooded rivers or fishing in flooded rivers.

“I am sure you heard about the 10 fish mongers who were rescued by Air Force of Zimbabwe after they were marooned while fishing at Ruti Dam,” said Chief Inspector Chasara.

Chasara also took a swipe at false prophets targeting villagers’ livestock by ‘dividing’ villagers with their falsehoods.

“Be very careful with self-styled prophets who are dividing villagers by their false prophecies in a way to get your livestock and we are not tolerating that.

“If any of these false prophets demand your beasts over such prophecies quickly make a police report.

“Mukanyatso ongorora maporofita iwayo anonanga huroyi mumisha inemombe ne mbudzi and Buhera is not spared especially with false allegations that Buhera folks practice witchcraft,” he said.