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An Open Letter To Elikem

Dear Elikem

I hope this finds you in good faith.

This is a response to sentiments that you passed to Zimbabwean women with regards to their ‘poor way of dressing and lack of manners and culture’, which I label as nothing but an insult to Zimbabwean women.


My not being woman does not mean I don’t have the prerogative right to dissect your horrifyingly wicked opinions. It is never wise for the person of you considering your following to blanket an entire sex based on a small personal experience that you encountered.

To use one encounter as a yardstick to, should I say, your ill-advised pilot survey is in its own terms a sign that you were not schooled enough to make such judgments, you are extremely missing something my brother.

For you to say “Ghanaian women have manners and are well cultured, I (Elikem) can say they are ahead and better off than Zimbo ladies except for my Pokello who has lived up to my billing” leaves a lot to be desired taking into account “embarrassing incidents” that can be used to rate Pokello’s credibility in as far as manners are concerned.

My question is what criteria did you use to come up with such disconcerting and nauseating views on Zimbabwean women in general?

I felt obliged to respond to your savagely cruel views of Zimbabwean women with regards to their dressing. Using Pokello as the only subject that “dresses better” than any other women in Zimbabwe reflects your lunacy let alone your disrespect for our women. You raised my blood when I read what you purported and here is to why:

You just said my deputy President Amai Joyce Mujuru, 1st lady Amai Grace Mugabe, MDC Deputy President Thokozani Khupe, my beloved mother amai Shumba, Pokello’s mother Mrs Nare who for that matter is your mother in law to be and many other influential women are not well mannered, really? How do you define manners in your own country? Does it mean defaming one’s leader, one’s mother, let alone Pokello’s mother?

You just exposed yourself to Africa and the entire world that you are an ill-mannered being who is only seeking attention after having failed to grab a prize in last year’s Big Brother Africa. This is what people, who are afraid to sink into oblivion do, they desperately hunt for any other means necessary so that they can once again make headlines, I have seen them and you are one of them hence I am not shocked.

It just dawned on me that you are a seeking attention being who is abusing his erstwhile fame to tell Africa that, “please don’t forget me, I am still around and please don’t forget me.”

Yes, you managed to make headlines, because the media pursue bad news to increase their sales from people like you, yours was indeed bad news but one day it’s going to be so bad and you will “never rise again”, well I just forgot that I am giving you so much credit which you don’t even deserve. Lest you didn’t know, the media is a double edged sword; it can raise you up and strike you down. To be warned is to be fore armed.

Revamping your attention by such means shows that you are fraught for recognition, whoever advised you to act as such fooled you and you just allowed yourself to be hoodwinked, it’s high time you retract your gushes because it’s never too late to do as such.

Your views are misplaced let alone a misfit when it comes to judging our women, there is a lot that you can do about women in Ghana, you need self-introspection, we don’t expect such from a fellow brother like you. “Mukwasha” rudzii asina tsika?

Thanking you in anticipation for your positive attitude, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Anozivashe Admire Shumba

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