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Bulawayo group release Pokello Dance

BULAWAYO – Former Big Brother Africa contestant Pokello Nare received another feather in her cap after a Bulawayo based dance group called Antivirus released a music dance video in her honour called Pokello Dance. 

Pokello Nare
Pokello Nare

According to the group made of Ricco Andrews (24), Victor Madzura (24) and Prince Dube (21) the dance was inspired by Pokello mainly because she represented the country “on another level” and “She managed to get the attention of many countries and she did us proud.”

Antivirus said “We want to create a local dance that will compete on an international level like Azonto, Kukere and other popular dances. Some people think it’s a subliminal message to Pokello but it is not. She is actually our friend.  If anything, she was actually asking why we did not feature her on the song.

“The problem we had was that during the time we were shooting she was very busy. Right now we are trying to push it onto the regional and international market. We are targeting Trace, Channel ‘O’ and other channels to market it,” Andrews told the local Daily News newspaper.

Antivirus started off as a dance group but has now decided to venture into singing. “We are now into singing as well to help with our dances and we have a dance studio at which we help teach different dances,” said Andrews.