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Chaos in Ephat Mujuru family

By Blessing Masakadza

HARARE – Twenty-year-old Michelle Mujuru, daughter to the late mbira grand master Ephat Mujuru, was severely burnt at a shrine in High Glen after she had been taken for a cleansing ceremony.

The late mbira grand master Ephat Mujuru
The late mbira grand master Ephat Mujuru

The unfortunate woman had her back and head burnt after she fell into the fire. Reports are that the prophet had smeared paraffin on her body which others believe could have aggravated the burns.

Sources told H-Metro that her mother-Emily Chimanga- had taken her to Madzibaba Automatic (real name Thomas Sithole) near the High Glen shopping centre for a suspected mental problem. She confirmed the incident to H-Metro.

“She had been having a mental problem and I took her for cleansing. The Paraffin is used for treatment. She was being violent and she fell into the fire. She is responding well to treatment after I secured medication for her,” she said.

Sources said that Emily clashed with the Mujuru family on Saturday night over the treatment of the child. A report had to be made at Budiriro police station, leading to them acquiring a medical report for Michelle to be treated.

The Mujuru brothers, Munyaradzi, Stanny, Killian and Dave were all present and confirmed the incident.

Madzibaba Auto also confirmed the development.

He revealed that he had received a text message that the police were after him. He said he had nothing to fear as he never did anything wrong. He said he helps mental patients and that he was helping Michelle after her mother approached him with the problem.

He said Michelle fell into the fire during a healing process as she overpowered people who were holding her.

“She is a congregate here. Her mother approached me for her mental problem and I have been helping her. I use fire and paraffin in my healing and she fell into the fire not that it was deliberate. She overpowered the people who were holding her.

“I just got a message that I’m wanted by the police, I did not do anything wrong and I will be here,” he said.

The incident has opened a can of worms which emanated from the death of the musician Ephat. Sources told H-Metro that all the problems arose when ‘proper’ burial proceedings were not followed.

The musician was buried at the Granville Cemetery (Kumbudzi) against the will of his ancestors who had ordered that he be buried at his rural home next to the graves of his grandparents.

Reports are that Mujuru was buried in the absence of his relatives who had gathered at his rural home and a grave for him had already been prepared.

“Guva ranga racherwa kumusha asi akatengerwa rimwe kumbudzi.”

Foul play was reportedly suspected which saw chaos at the funeral and police being called. Sources said his wife fearing the family processed his burial here. Claims are that all hell broke loose after the burial with six deaths of people who led the funeral procession against the family’s will.

The ‘wave’ also hit in his family with the children being mentally affected. His wife has reportedly sold much of the property in helping the children to get back to normal. Mujuru suffered a massive heart attack at Gatwick Airport in the UK and died on his way to hospital. H Metro