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Beverly falls on hard times

By Latwell Nyangu

HARARE – Sexy Angels boss Beverly Sibanda has fallen on hard times amid reports that she is falling to pay rentals at her lodgings-AGAIN!

Beverly and the Sexy Angels
Beverly and the Sexy Angels

The raunchy dancer owes her landlord US$400 and she has been playing cat and mouse with the property agent for the greater part of the month. Speaking to H-Metro, the agent of the property Vincent Chiendambuya described Bev as a stranger to professionalism.

“Beverly owes us and she is struggling to pay the US$400 on time citing many excuses. In actual fact haana mari yacho and she only gave me US$200 on different occasions,” he said.

Chiendambuya also blamed Bev’s manager Hapaguti Mapimhidze saying he was not forth-coming.

“We talked to the manager and he does not even understand. It seems there are problems with these ladies because we have four houses that have single ladies and most of them are giving us problems when it comes to paying rentals.

“So far we have lost four houses because the landlords no longer have trust in our services and it’s now a problem to deal with people who are not professional. They want a lifestyle that they cannot afford.”

Contacted for comment, Bev said:

“Hapana zvandiri kuziva, ndiwe uri kutondiudzawo izvozvo about that story.”

Her manager Harpers Mapimhidze couldn’t be reached for comment as his mobile went unanswered. H Metro