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Love letter for Prophet Uebert Angel

By Prophetess Beverly Angel

How can I even begin. Perhaps from the beginning. From the young man I fell in love with armed with a gift and amazing intellect to a general raised for such a dispensation as this. Words can never fathom how much I am in love with you Uebert Angel. 

Uebert Angel and wife Beverly
Uebert Angel and wife Beverly

I would like the world to know today on your birthday how much I honour you, how much I respect you, how much I am caught up, mesmerised, crave for you and still spellbound by you.

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After 13 years together and a quiver full of arrows, my love for you has unabated ( continuing at full strength or intensity – Princeton University definition 2006) I love the look in your eyes away from the world as we chase each other across our bedroom, or as we shower together or when we huddle up and watch a movie together.

You are not only a great husband, lover, father, friend, companion but a father to nations, I stand in awe of God in you. My priest, my mentor, my watchman, my personal prophet, my personal masseur, my knight in shining amour – I am highly favoured among women.

And in the very fitting words of William Shakespeare, Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun moves, that reality itself is a lie but one thing you should never doubt is the love I have for you.

I got your back, happy birthday Pappy. Bev