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Elderly wives in fight over rentals

HARARE – Three elderly women in a polygamous marriage appeared in court accusing the third wife of spending money realised from rentals.

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Wives fight over rentals

Zvitatike Mapiro and Emerita Magaya were yesterday brought to court by Maria Gumei who was seeking a protection order against them.“I got married to our husband in 1983 and his two wives want me out of our house.

“I want to stay with them in peace since I am taking care of our husband. They are refusing to have sex with him because he suffered a stroke,” she said.

Gumei told the court that the duo accused her of spending all the money the husband realises from rentals and reporting to the police whenever they argued.

“He gives US$70 us apiece yet they are complaining. We extended the house in Mabvuku and he is also constructing a shop in the rural areas which they are both opposing,” Gumei said.

She told the court that they insulted her and tell her to reside in the rural areas because she failed to conceive a child.

“I cannot go anywhere because my husband is my son and I am taking care of him.”

In her defence, Mapiro said she did not insult Gumei but argued with the husband over the unfair treatment she gets. “We are not staying close to each other and we reside in rural areas. The problem is also on money because all tenants at our husband’s house are her (Gumei) friends,” she said.

Magaya also told the court that their husband is a war veteran and she contributed in buying the house from which the rentals are realised.

“We want money to pay school fees for our children. My son who is a police officer is taking care of our husband’s medication. She is enjoying sex with him to our prejudice and that is tormenting us,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Ms Rebecca Kavhiya gave a reciprocal protection order and said they should live in harmony.