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Elliot Pfebve arrested for putting up Tsvangirai campaign posters

By Tichaona Sibanda

The MDC-T parliamentary candidate for Bindura North, Elliot Pfebve, was arrested on Friday in Mount Darwin for putting up posters of party President Morgan Tsvangirai.

Elliot Pfebve meets the Rev Jesse Jackson.
Elliot Pfebve seen here with US civil rights leader Rev Jesse Jackson.

The aspiring candidate, who was leading a campaign team of 12 people, spent the night in police cells and was released on Saturday without facing any charges.

‘They saw us putting up posters of our president, literally painting the trees red along the Bindura-Mount Darwin road. By the time we got to Darwin, the police were waiting for us and falsely accused us of tearing down Saviour Kasukuwere’s posters,’ Pfebve said.

He added: ‘These are the intimidating tactics that ZANU PF use during each election. You could tell the officers were getting instructions from ZANU PF officials and we were kept in cells until Saturday. What frustrates us is the fact that we were kept overnight for something that we didn’t do.’

In Manicaland on Friday renowned human rights lawyer and MDC-T parliamentary candidate for Chikanga-Dangamvura constituency, Arnold Tsunga, was arrested for participating in an illegal procession. 50 party supporters were also arrested at the same time. Tsunga and some party supporters were detained at Dangamvura Police Station while the others were at Mutare Central Police station.

According to reports all of them were released on Saturday after paying US$20 admission of guilt fines.

Lawyer Passmore Nyabureba, who was representing the 50, said his clients were accused of participating in a procession with about four vehicles in Dangamvura Ward 6, without authorization from police. SW Radio Africa